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AAFH Australia

Industry: Financial Services

Automate the business flow to provide ease to the business

One of our leading Australian government financial service providers who was managing the complete workflow with Salesforce Financial Cloud was looking for an expert who can help them to automate business flow so that details can be entered in less time and also can save the time of the customer to enter the details faster by avoiding manual process. Technology Mindz reviewed the complete requirement and pain points of the client and provide an automated business flow so that manual finding procedure can be avoided.


Hard to hold the customers due to Manual fields management and lack of information which resulted in prospect loss and poor customer experience and affected the brand reputation.


Flow creation to automate the manual processes with custom functionalities by providing every account in a sequence.


Faster process of loan application clearance and documentation which improved the working efficiency and minimised operational expenses.

The Objective

The client was facing challenges while managing the business process as whenever the officials need to add the information about the client they are required to open every information account separately and then they fill the field. This seems a very time-consuming process and it becomes a task for the officials to hold the customers so long. After this client was looking to create an automatic business flow to save time and hold the professionalism.

The Challenges

  • Manually managing the fields by searching the fields and accounts one by one
  • Hard to hold the customers for so long while gathering the information
  • Losing the prospect due to lack of professionalism
  • Bad customer experience as users was not ready to spend more time in this
  • Affecting the brand reputation
  • Use of more manpower
  • Decreased work efficiency
  • Officials were handing fewer customers in a day
  • Time oriented process to identify the account and fields to be filled next

The Solutions

  • Created a flow to automate the process by providing every account in a sequence
  • Created a functionality in the flow which would ask the user if they wanted to create employment details. If yes then how many.
  • Next, it would ask the user if they wanted to add Residential data, if yes then how many. Similarly for other related objects mentioned below Person Account-Related List
    • Employment
    • Residential
    • Income
    • Identification documents
    • Expense and Costs
    • Invoices
    • Financial Accounts
    • Related referrals
  • Use of actions and recommendations on Account Screen which triggers a flow to update all records/related records associated with Account.
  • Provided all related objects which were related to the contacts.
  • Created a flow for adding financial accounts related to object data
  • Provided a flow for Bank Accounts – How many to add?
  • Functionality to fill all fields then go to next and then add investment accounts, credit card loan accounts one after the other and at last ask users/officials if they want to repeat the cycle again.

The Benefits

  • Easy and fast process
  • Gained customer satisfaction
  • Saves customers and officials time
  • Save time by automates the business process
  • Helped in increasing the brand reputation
  • Enhanced professionalism

The Results

  • Resolved the problem of manually managing the business flow
  • Fast process of loan application clearance and documentation
  • Improved the working efficiency
  • Officials are able to handle 30% more, customers
  • Achieved user satisfaction with faster process of gathering information
  • Minimized operation expenses – less use of manpower