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Application Details

Industry: Financial Services

Get application form of all the applicants at one place

Application Details is a Salesforce Lightning component that provides the complete necessary details of the borrower, co-borrower and co-signer in one place. It is an application form filled by the loan officer or underwriter for his convenience where he can keep the track of the relevant information and mail to borrower, co-borrower and co-signer directly if required. Also, the details filled by customers on customer portal can be fetched and display with the help of this component.


Manual data management for different applications, Manual filling of forms, Managing Unorganized Application forms.


single application form to manage the data of different applicant on a single platform, Automate the email verification process Provided the application detail page.


Improved work efficiency Hassle-free application form management Faster loan process Reduction in Manpower.

The Objective

Physically or manually managing the application form of the applicant is such a time-oriented and confusing process. To get the information of all the required details on a single screen is so convenient for any loan officer. Loan providers seeking a Salesforce component to manage all the application form details in a hassle-free manner.

The Challenges

  • Store the data of multiple applicants on different tabs
  • Linking of different applicants in one application
  • Manually managing the data of different applicants
  • Managing separate criteria of different applicants with their respective application
  • Deal with unorganized application forms
  • Manually entering the details in the form

The Solutions

  • Provided a single application form to manage the data of different applicant on a single platform
  • Created functionality to manage single criteria of different applicants
  • Developed user-friendly interface
  • Provided easy mailing functionality to directly mail the applicants if required
  • Automate the email verification process by setting up the required criteria in the salesforce
  • Functionality to show the credit score of the applicants but it can only be shown with the prior consent of the applicant
  • Functionality to add multiple phone nos. addresses and mail ids on a single platform
  • Provided the application detail page with the following sections:
    • Profile
    • Personal
    • Employment
    • Income
    • Housing
    • Payday
    • NSF’s
    • Loan and Debts

Technical Approach

  • Created custom compact layout on Lightning component with field arrangements.
  • Add Button near applicants, clicking on this button will show 2 options New co-borrower and New co-signer
  • Created a tabset to display the applicants separately
  • Email button would open a popup to send an email to borrower to provide a co-signer or co-borrower.
  • Created lightning accordions and lightning datatables to show application related details.
  • Created a lightning button and it’s on-click function on JS controller to add and remove rows to each section like Email, address, phone etc.
  • Created a lightning tabset to show personal and additional details of applicants
  • For user interface, created lightning components and apex classes as a controller which fetch and display the required information and deficiencies of a loan application
  • Created the process builders, triggers and workflows to automate the email verification process

The Benefits

  • Time-saving process with complete details of the applicants at one place
  • Better customer experience
  • Automate the application form filling process
  • Save time of the loan officer by showing the major details and credit score
  • Easy emailing experience

The Results

  • Improved work efficiency
  • Hassle-free application form management
  • Faster loan process
  • Reduction in Manpower