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Technology: React Native

Painting estimation cost with Arch Painting mobile application

Painting Estimator application is a simple solution for the painting industry which helps service providers to get all the necessary information without visiting their client sites. It helps painting service providers with brief idea about the requirement including location, project type, scope, color, surface condition and additional comments.


Mobile Application


June 29, 2021


Mobile Application

The Objective

Giving estimation of the painting work is a normal process but going to the location and looking into the requirement can be costly and time taking for the service provider. It’s a huge problem for painting industry worldwide. Also, for the people who are thinking about painting their home or office and don’t want the hassle of making an appointment, this app can be the best solution for them. With the effect of complete social distancing, this can help customers and service providers both in different ways.

The Challenge

  • Traveling expenses
  • Consume time with low budget prospects
  • Contactless estimation due to Covid-19
  • Time-consuming process to call the service provider at home
  • Appointment time management
  • Challenge for service providers to forecast the project size

The Solution

  • Provided an application to fill the details of the requirement and send an email for cost estimation.
  • A form to submit the client requirements with the following field:
    • Project Type – Commercial or Residential & Interior or Exterior
    • Project Scope- Doors, Walls, Wallpaper Removal, ceiling, Trim, Floor, Porch, Garage, and Shutter etc.
    • Colors
    • Surface Condition
    • Carpentry required or not
    • Built before 1978 or not
    • Additional Comments
    • Image Upload section
    • About You (Client details with Name, Address, Email, Phone, etc.)
    • Hybrid application for iOS and Android
    • Functionality to send mail to the client and admin after form submission
    • Implemented a function to prevent the uploading of blur images. This app will not accept 70% blur image, user needs to upload the image again with a clear vision

Technical Approach

  • Used React Native Image Picker plugin that allows using native UI to select a photo from the device library or directly from the camera
  • Used mailto: to send the email to customer and service provider
  • Created an API to fetch the data and images from the form
  • Created a database to store the information of the client
  • Used AWS server to host the application

The Benefits

  • Saves customers and service providers time of site visit
  • Customer/Project forecasting as per the requirement
  • Exact estimation of the painting cost
  • Saved Travelling expenses
  • Helped in gathering potential customer data

The Results

  • Improved work efficiency
  • Significant reduction in time to provide the estimation
  • Helped team to forecast the project size
  • Achieved success in providing contactless estimation