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Bank Statement

Industry: Financial Services

Get borrower’s bank statement in few steps

Bank Statement is a Salesforce Lightning component by which loan lender can pull the details of customer’s banking transactions via 3rd party service. For this consent of the customer is required. To get the bank details, lender allows the customers to upload their bank documents or to add the e-banking credentials, if customer chooses to add the credentials then this component fetches the details from 3rd party and provide it to the loan lender.


Security issues, Manually managing the bank details and necessary documents.


Provided the bank statement of the Borrower, Co-Borrower and Co-signer at one place and created functionality to review the report.


Significant reduction in time to analyse the bank status and achieving user satisfaction by speeding work processes and simple on boarding.

The Objective

Leading financial companies required to cross verify the bank details and need to check the user behavior with the day to day expenses to sanction the loan. They likely want to pull the user’s bank statement to get a look at his transaction history before giving him the rate information. Lender needs to confirm if the documents provided by the borrower are appropriate or not. Including that the bank statement of borrower, co-borrower and co-signer is also available at the same place. It makes easy for the loan provider to decide whether the person is authorized to request for the loan or not.

The Challenges

  • Security issues while having client’s e-banking details
  • Manually managing the bank details of different persons
  • Different places to store the bank statements
  • Collect the Borrower, Co-borrower and Co-signer’s bank statement on different tabs
  • Manually check the Joint account status of Borrower and co-borrower
  • It’s a time-oriented process to manually pulling out borrower, co-borrower and co-signers bank statement
  • Managing the necessary documents physically like recent years bank statements, id’s etc.

The Solutions

  • Provided the bank statement of the Borrower, Co-Borrower and Co-signer at one place
  • Created functionality to review the report in the following formats
    • Account Type
    • Balance
    • Institution (Bank Name)
    • Joint Account Status
    • Account Number
  • Joint account status to show if the Borrower and Co-Borrower’s bank account is Joint or not
  • Provided search functionality to make it more user friendly
  • Created Filter to sort the data of the bank statement with Dates and Flags
  • Provided email functionality to direct email the Borrower, Co-Borrower and Co-signer from the same tab
  • Developed functionality to show the section contains red flags only

Technical Approach

  • Created a custom compact layout having Applicant Name, Email and Phone to fetch from account object
  • Functionality to fetch Loan Amount and Reference ID from Application object
  • Build functionality that if an applicant is not related to the bank account then it will show Account is not connected error
  • Developed functionality to fetch Balance, Institution Name, Joint account status and account number from Bank Account object
  • Created a Lightning tab-set to manage Borrower Co-borrower and Co-signer’s Bank Statement
  • Use of regex for Search functionality
  • Used wrapper class to display the data table on the frontend
  • Created a module box for filter to sort the data according to custom dates and flags
  • Created functions that show the red flags on the particular bank’s transaction criteria
  • Created a function in lightning JS controller to display the Bank Transaction on separate tab through VF page
  • Used lightning data-table sections to show the bank transaction data

The Benefits

  • All the bank transaction information at one place
  • Decreased the risk of disclosing the banking details
  • Easy to understand the bank statement
  • Improved the working efficiency
  • Easy to find the report with search and sort functionality
  • Save time of the loan officer by showing the Borrower Co-borrower and Co-signer’s bank details on the same page
  • Easy to find the records with the help of flags status

The Results

  • Significant reduction in time to analyse the bank status of the Borrower Co-borrower and Co-signer’s
  • Achieved user satisfaction by sorting the Bank Statement in just few clicks with complete confidential details
  • Improved the speed to process more loan applications
  • Simplified onboarding process which has halved the time between loan applications and disbursement of loan