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Technology: Ionic

Connecting Yoga Instructors to Yoga Learners

Bendii is a yoga learning & training app that connects yoga seekers to yoga instructors for a one on one or group session(s). This app is made for all the people who want to learn the steps to practice yoga, offering beginners to advance yoga learning sessions. It helps instructors to connect with clients as per their selected time slot. All instructors in this app are certified through Yoga Alliance and carry their liability insurance.


Bendii: The Yoga App


July 20, 2020


Mobile Application

The Objective

Bendii is created to provide a platform to the local yoga instructors for establishing and developing their business, delivering personalized yoga sessions through the app. The vision is to raise social consciousness by inspiring student-teacher bonds and positively impacting local communities. The app has different types of Yoga forms like Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, and Integrative Restorative Yoga. It also has pre and post-natal yoga including meditation sessions for children and adults.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a single platform to manage the complete details and activities of Yoga trainers and learners. Handling these activities manually is a time-oriented process hence, there was a need for a centralized solution to manage the content(s) and action(s) of the members. The client was facing the following challenges:

  • Manage instructor portal for providing the information about their availability & charges
  • Manage customer data
  • Reach and arrange the trainer considering particular customer requirement
  • Time slot availability management
  • Transfer funds automatically to admin and instructor
  • Manage the appointments and payments of trainers
  • Ensure the status of a Yoga class (as successfully completed or not)

The Solution

Technology Mindz analyzed the challenges and provided the following custom-made solutions as per customer requirements:

  • Created “My Calendar” to manage the time slot(s) of the training session(s)
  • Created a “Database” to store and keep the data of customers secured (cannot be accessed without authentication)
  • Provided the functionality for “Admin” to manage booking & training slots of customers, also arrange & confirm the same as per trainer(s) availability
  • Developed sort and filter functionality for trainee(s) to schedule their training sessions
  • Provided a secured and integrated system for the automated & scheduled payment transfer to trainers
  • Developed chat functionality for a better trainer & learner communication
  • Delivered functionalities like rating(s) & review(s) of a training session, intuitive fade out feature to check the bookings & slot availability on a particular date, location feature, in addition to;
  • Feature of field mapping; to map products, orders, and customers.
  • Feature to provide instructor(s) feedback
  • Flexible appointment system to allow rescheduling and cancellation
  • Funding to the non-profits of trainee’s choice
  • Repository of instructors (with complete information about their training history including Paypal details and per hour rate card)
  • Feature for the customer and trainer to see the history of their booking & transaction details

Technical Approach

The following technical features were provided to fulfill the particular requirements of the yoga trainers and learners:

  • Created a welcome page to sign up as Client or Instructor
  • Developed functionality to Sign up with Email or Facebook
  • Built a custom calendar to show booked and non-booked dates separately
  • Provided a functionality to manage the transaction history by which payment will be transferred to instructors Paypal account after deducting 15% admin commission
  • Developed functionality for the instructor to block hours for a particular day.
  • App integrated with FB for login and auto-filling of customer information
  • Created feature for sending push notifications on special events
  • Implemented sort and filter functionality for clients, based on distance, reviews, and quote/ price
  • Integrated Wallet to accommodate cancellation funds
  • Provided session status functionality to check pending client payment; pending instructor confirmation; pending instructor quote/ price

The Benefits

Technology Mindz provided the enlisted benefits to the end-customer(s) of the app:

  • Empowered local yoga instructor’s business & increased revenue generation
  • Resolved the problem of customer database management by sorting them
  • A one-stop platform for yoga learners and instructors
  • Increased engagement & productivity by providing flexible training sessions
  • Access to convenient & secured payment option(s)

The Results

The end-customer received the following results by using the cohesive and integrated technical solutions, provided by Technology Mindz:

  • Significant reduction in time to manage appointments
  • Improved user experience with an easy approach to yoga training sessions
  • Provided flexible yoga sessions and sequencing to connect yoga trainers and learners
  • Achieved user satisfaction by sorting the appropriate yoga trainers
  • Automated the fund system which improved overall work efficiency