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Digitalized app to create business image similar to BIG BRANDS

Mindz Catalog app is a B2B product catalog app for retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. The app is a replacement of heavy bulky paper catalogs into digital catalog. Business users can display their products with high definition images and videos. This app is providing engaging videos for product demonstrations, the study suggests that video is 600% more effective marketing tool than other mediums. Mindz catalog app is an end-to-end solution for businesses to build their product catalog on their branded mobile app. It works smoothly on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and Windows tablets.


Catalog App


June 29, 2021


New Product Development

The Objective

Year 2020 shows the world a different phase of life with the name COVID-19. This pandemic made people aware of the social distancing, so definitely customers don’t even want to touch the physical things/catalogs directly when they shop. As the whole world is moving towards digital platform, business users were seeking a solution for physical bulky paper catalog, which they use to represent their brand. Technology Mindz decided to provide an effective solution for the business personnel and created Mindz Catalog app, a digital app to display the products with HD images and videos.

The Challenge

  • Handling heavy bulky paper catalogs
  • Consumes more space
  • Hard to manage
  • Cannot update the products instantly
  • High printing cost
  • Distribution hassle
  • Need to change the complete catalog in case of single spelling mistake
  • Sales representatives need to carry bulky catalogs while customer visit
  • Customers don’t want to touch the physical catalogs and pdfs after the pandemic
  • Required personalized mobile application but it’s having high costing

The Solution

Technology Mindz reviewed the business requirement and pain points of the business users and by considering all the specifications, integrated the following solution(s):

  • Provided a digital catalog mobile application to showcase the products
  • Functionality to display the products in different categories
  • Created an easy admin panel to upload high-quality product images and videos
  • Product description page to explain the details and price of the product
  • Functionality to generate the queries
  • Google Map location functionality
  • About us section to define the business
  • Product review section
  • Sort and filter the product as per price and category

Technical Approach

The following approach was applied to fulfill the particular business requirements of WordPress users:

  • Created an API to display the banners
  • Created an API to display the category
  • Created array loop to fetch and show the data
  • Data fetched in “data object” in all the API’s
  • Used toast controller for Contact Us and Rate Us section
  • Used loading controller Show Crescent to load data
  • Used page routing through Navcontroller
  • Applied ionic’s automatic slider
  • Fetched the data from API, created function and start looping
  • Photo viewer to display the full image of the product
  • One signal push notification for delivering push notification
  • Used Google Map API to display the map
  • Used looping and switch case to add the good, bad comments on Rate Us section

The Benefits

  • Time and money-saving in distribution and printing
  • Easy to accept orders and generate inquiries
  • Accept new orders round the clock
  • Save cost by reducing dependence on sales staff
  • Elegant consistent experience to your customers
  • Search and sort functionality to instant search
  • Instant update of the product image and description
  • Immediate addition/deletion of new products and categories
  • No management needed to replace your old catalogs
  • Small corrections can be made anytime without the need to distribute with each update
  • Increased customer conversion rate with attractive product display and professional appearance
  • Helped sales representative as they spent less time in each customer visit
  • User-friendly admin panel
  • Intuitive interface with step-by-step guidance
  • Sharp, visually-appealing, eye-catchy products display
  • High-resolution images to highlight product features
  • Full product specifications and descriptions
  • Engaging videos for product demonstrations
  • Replacement to physical, pdf or PPT catalogs
  • Free from distribution hassles
  • Updates instantly – no more out-of-date catalogs
  • Organized, attractive and user friendly
  • Unlimited Products, Unlimited Categories

The Results

  • Increased revenue by at least 25%
  • Saved printing cost
  • Persona similar to BIG BRANDS
  • Fast sales process
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Helped sales executives to generate orders as they don’t need to carry heavy bulky paper catalog to display the products
  • More deals finalized remotely
  • Brand uplift and differentiation
  • Achieved high retention with a happy sales representative