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Borrower’s detailed credit report in just few clicks

Credit report is a Salesforce Lightning component that provides the credit history of a loan borrower, co-borrower and co-signer on the same platform. For a loan creditor, it’s necessary to gather the credit score details and the previous credit information of the loan borrower to approve the loan. This component converts the 3rd party credit report’s information in the readable format.

To gather the detailed report, consent of the borrower is mandatory including Social Insurance Number (SIN). If the SIN is not available than credit report can be gathered with the help of DOB, permanent address or province.


Credit Report


July 31, 2020



The Objective

One of the publicly listed leading financial service providers in Canada was on a mission to empower Canadians to manage their finances, with credit building products, guidance, and tools to optimize their credit wellness. If a customer is applying for a loan, it makes perfect sense to check and realize where they can get it at best terms. When customers call a money lender, they’ll likely to pull the customer’s credit report to get a look on the score before giving the rate information. For a finance solution provider it is required to gather the legible information of the borrower so that it gets easy to understand their complete credit history.

The Challenge

  • Constant reviewing of the credit score reduces the creditworthiness of a borrower
  • Reporting agencies providing the credit report in a technical language which is not easily understood by the end-user
  • Manually managing the data inconsistencies and details
  • Collecting the borrower, co-borrower and co-signer’s credit report on different tabs
  • Automating analysis of the credit reports and identifying inconsistencies to share alerts

The Solution

Technology Mindz reviewed the requirements and challenges faced by the Salesforce Lightning users and by considering all the specifications, the following solution(s) were provided:

  • Provided the credit report of the borrower, co-borrower and co-signer at one place
  • Created functionality to review the report in the following formats:
    • Summary – Short brief of user’s credit history
    • Full report – Complete and detailed information
    • New Window – To compare the summary with the detailed report
  • Displayed red flags and deficiencies at the top to make it easy for the financial provider to decide whether they should approve the loan of the borrower or not
  • Provision to access the complete report of a borrower to understand the risk factors involved in sanctioning the loan
  • Created the search and sort functionality as per the section. Only relevant section(s) as per the information is visible
  • Developed functionality to show the section that contains red flags only
  • Top section of the report includes;
    • Name of the applicant
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Reference ID
    • Priority
    • Status
    • Product type
    • Assigned
  • Summary includes;
    • Overview
    • Residences
    • Remarks
  • Full report includes
    • Overview
    • Residences
    • Employment
    • File Summary
    • Banking closed for cause
    • Trade
    • Registered Items
    • Bankruptcy Insolvency
    • Legal Items
    • Collections
    • Inquiries
    • Remarks

Technical Approach

By analyzing the requirements, the following technical approach was applied to fulfill the customer objectives;

  • Created a Lightning tab-set to manage borrower bo-borrower and bo-signer’s credit report
  • Created a function in apex class which converts JSON into string
  • Use of regex for search functionality
  • Created data tables with all lightning accordions
  • Used wrapper class to display the data on the frontend
  • Created a function to show and hide the sections according to the filters
  • Created on-check function on a checkbox to show and hide the sections according to the filters
  • Created functions that show the red flags on the insight section according to the criteria.
  • Created a function that display the error or if a report is missing or not received from the server. And for every messages we have created the ShowToast function in lightning component which is displayed when an error occurs
  • Created a function in lightning JS controller to display the summary report on separate tab through VF page
  • Used lightning data-table and lightning accordion sections to show the credit report data

The Benefits

The Salesforce users leveraged the followed benefits from the solution(s) offered;

  • All the credit report information were accessible at one place
  • Reduced risk of low credit score(s) of the borrower which happened due to constant reviewing
  • Easy to understand credit report made available
  • No need to note down any inconsistencies manually
  • Improved the overall work efficiency
  • Feature to display the relevant section as per the search
  • Saved time of the loan officer by showing the deficiencies and red flag(s) on the top of panel
  • Easy to compare summary report and full report

The Results

The following results were achieved by using the enterprise solution(s) provided by Technology Mindz;

  • Significant reduction in time to decide the risk of the applicant
  • Achieved complete user satisfaction by sorting the credit report of borrower, co-borrower and co-signer at single place
  • Improved the speed to process more loan applications
  • Simplified on boarding process which has halved the time between loan applications and disbursement of loans