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Customization in Salesforce Process for a SAAS company

Industry: Financial Services

Customization in Salesforce Process for a SAAS company

The client works as a SaaS company that develops innovative solutions with applications that help different organizations to optimize their business processes. To help its client in growing successfully customers primarily focuses on its sharp and advanced technology with its products and services. While dealing on the Salesforce platform client still needs to fetch the data manually. Technology Mindz analyzed the complete issue and decides to provide customization in the running Salesforce platform to make the manufacturing process automated.


Manually fetching data while dealing across multiple clients which reduced business efficiency as it was time consuming and was difficult to optimise bulk operations.


Created a customized automated process with functionality to execute bulk operations and a centralized dashboard to view all information in the existing Salesforce.


Faster response time with improved business activity management andoptimised & automated business processes.

The Objective

The client was already on the Salesforce platform. While having a huge no. of clients he needs to deal with many tasks every single day. During its previous process user needs to manually fetch the data for the manufacturing industry which is very time consuming and inefficient. This makes the client decide that he needs some customization in its Salesforce platform with the manufacturing industry.

The Challenges

  • Manually fetching the data while dealing across multiple clients
  • Inefficient and time-consuming process
  • Difficult to optimize the business process
  • Automates the business
  • Reduced business efficiency while working on the bulk operations
  • Effect the progress of the business while sending a bulk email campaign
  • Delay in response time

The Solutions

  • Created a customized automation process in the existing Salesforce
  • Technology Mindz put its Certified Salesforce Developers to the task and approached digging the requirement as per client’s need.
  • Created a centralized dashboard where all the information can be found in a few clicks
  • Extraction of manufacturing dates was automated in the Salesforce Cloud
  • Provided automated email workflow according to a different scenario
  • Functionality to execute the bulk operations in the organization
  • Created an automated process for guarantee/warranty task and it expiration

The Benefits

  • Easy and automated process
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Better customer experience with automated emails
  • A centralized solution for managing the activities for the team
  • Reduce operation cost

The Results

  • Significant reduction in time to manage the business activities
  • Fast response time
  • Increased in business efficiency
  • Improved the progressiveness of the business while sending automated emails
  • Easy to optimize the business process
  • Automates the data fetching process which simply makes the work fast and error-free