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Donation Management System

Industry: Financial Services

Donation Management System

One of the non-profit organizations who are working for Cancer Patients from California USA was managing the volunteers, donation tracking and allocation manually with the help of spreadsheets. Technology Mindz created a centralized solution with Salesforce so that the records can be managed along with the business flow. This system even allows recording virtual donations including donor and donation tracking and volunteer management.


Manual data management via spreadsheet which resulted in mismanagement of data and caused high operational costs and process delays.


A centralized platform for managing donors, patients, volunteers, donations using Salesforce lightning with custom functionalities and 3rd party app integrations as per clients’ requirements.


Reduced operational costs with efficient data management while eliminating 90% manual work and minimising human errors.

The Objective

As client was managing the data in spreadsheets it was a bit difficult and time-oriented process for them. By managing everything manually it caused human errors, delay in process and mismanagement. So by facing all these issues client decided to move towards a cloud-based system. Technology Mindz implemented customized configuration according to the client’s needs and provided a centralized solution to manage the donors, donation tracking, volunteers and patient details.

The Challenges

  • Consist of human errors and everything was managed via spreadsheet
  • High operation cost
  • Delay in process
  • High risk of losing the data
  • Mismanagement in the process
  • Chances of false or double entry in the spreadsheet
  • Managing different sheets for different works as volunteers, donations, donors, etc.
  • Different sheet management for volunteer recruitment, job creation, assignment, managing schedules & track performance.

The Solutions

After looking into the complete requirement Technology Mindz provided the following solution:

  • By using Salesforce lightning a centralized platform has been created for the organization.
  • Created a centralized solution to manage donors, patients, donation tracking, volunteers
  • Including Salesforce functionalities, customization has been done as per client’s requirements
  • Created functionality to record virtual donations
  • The functionality of real-time recording of donors and their donations
  • Functionality to track the details of the allocation of donation
  • Implemented the bank reconciliation process and with that makes it possible to manage in and out all cheque transactions
  • Volunteer recruitment, job creation, assignment, managing schedules & performance tracking can be done with the system.
  • Provided functionality for the client to access real-time data and analytics
  • Integration with multiple third-party applications to conduct bank reconciliation along with sending SMS.

The Benefits

  • Reduced manual work
  • High visibility of data
  • Scalable, consistent and automated process
  • Significant reduction in time to manage the data of the donors
  • Achieved transparency and accuracy in the data management

The Results

  • Reduced operational cost
  • Efficiency in data management
  • Eliminates 90% manual work and cost
  • Free from human errors
  • Achieved easy transaction and payment processing