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Employee Development Management System

Industry: Financial Services

Employee Management System

One of our leading IT industry clients seeking a centralized platform to track employee performance, development and monitor the process of goals accomplished. Previously client was doing all the activities manually which was so time taking and contains human errors. Technology Mindz created a Salesforce Employee Management System to automate the complete working process of the organization. With this employee can get the benefit of having a centralized platform by which tasks can be assigned and managed. In addition, the performance of the employee can also be measure with this advanced system.


Manual business processes were inefficient and unproductive Difficult monitoring of employee performance.


Employee management system based on Salesforce Enterprise Edition with a centralized platform to measure the performance of the employe.


Better accessibility and communication which boosted productivity and improved team collaboration with a healthier employee manager relationship.

The Objective

The client’s organization consists of many employees with different skills and areas. They direct various representative preparing projects and improvement workshops. It’s a huge business process but the client was managing every activity manually on its own. It was a very time-oriented process and having many human errors too. Client was looking for a centralized platform to manage the complete business flow of the organization including employees’ task and performance management. Technology Mindz analyzed the problem of the client and proposed to provide a centralized solution where the tasks can be assigned and managed including employer’s feedback a performance review.

The Challenges

  • Managing the complete business process manually
  • Facing human errors and issues while working
  • Delayed in the work process
  • Difficulty in tracking the employee performance
  • Monitor the yearly performance of the employees
  • Analyze the process of goals accomplishment
  • Managing the employee’s tasks and work manually
  • Lack of transparency, consistency, and automation with the system.

The Solutions

  • Provided an employee management system based on Salesforce Enterprise Edition
  • Created a centralized platform to measure the performance of the employee
  • Created a system where employees can choose their work goals based on their job roles and responsibilities
  • With the help of Salesforce Standards and custom, objects created a functionality by which employees can also create tasks and asks for the feedback once the task is completed
  • Functionality to conduct reviews every month to monitor the performance of the employees
  • Implemented functionality to make meeting notes.
  • With the help of Salesforce functionalities like Chatter, Groups and Topics created a functionality where employees can connect
  • Provided functionality to upload posts and share knowledgeable articles and thoughts with some innovative ideas.
  • Functionality to generate the reports and create dynamic dashboards to manage the deadlines of the tasks and also get the prior notifications

The Benefits

The following benefits to the end-user:

  • Automated employee management system
  • Real-time software solution
  • Free from human errors
  • Employer can provide constructive feedback
  • Reduce the paperwork
  • Eliminates remote working barrier
  • Keeps track of employee’s task and performance
  • Helped in tracking the progress of the company
  • Helped in setting goals and motivating employees
  • Centralized platform for document sharing
  • Manage employees work schedule

The Results

  • Easy to manage everything from a single place
  • Helped in setting the task priority
  • Access data from anywhere anytime
  • Helped employer to keep an eye across all tasks
  • Better accessibility and communication
  • Boost productivity
  • Improved team collaboration
  • Healthy employee-manager relationships