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Drive Sales by Integrating Exact CRM with Magento eCommerce

Technology Mindz integrates Exact CRM with Spanjewijn’s Magento eCommerce store to manage customer data, product data, and invoices altogether. It helps the Magento eCommerce platform to quickly and easily synchronize order, customer, and stock data between the two applications. Access to Exact CRM gives you a detailed insight into both the financial and relational information of customers. According to a renowned CRM magazine, 91% of businesses with ten or more employees now use CRM software. The study also states that there is a 50% average improvement in efficiency with product and order integration for customers leveraging such business integration.


Exact CRM Integration


August 06, 2020



The Objective

For Magento eCommerce user(s), it is a challenge to manage online /offline orders, products, and customers. Technology Mindz analyzed the technical hitches faced by the business owners and planned to integrate the Magento eCommerce store with Exact CRM into their systems. With this, Magento users are enabled to sync their products, customers, and invoices from the Magento store into CRM, which is easy to manage. The CRM structures customer mapping in an automated way right from the first contact to the post-purchase association. Every interaction with the customer is collated and mapped throughout. The sales team leveraged this functionality to know the selling status of every single product by which they are enabled to forecast future sales.

The Challenge

For eCommerce business entrepreneurs it’s not convenient to manage all the customer data, products & order status manually for online /offline eCommerce sites. For being an effective market leader, users need to make changes with their businesses by using advanced and seamless technology.

Main issues faced by Magento eCommerce store users include;

  • Managing online & offline stores separately
  • Managing customer data
  • Sourcing and retaining customers
  • ROI estimation
  • Customer service
  • Longer sales cycles
  • Low revenue potential
  • Lack of a centralized, customer knowledge database
  • Chances of data loss
  • Time oriented process with manual entries
  • Sales / Products forecasting
  • Tracking orders and managing completion & returns
  • Managing & keeping invoices at one place

The Solution

Technology Mindz analyzed the challenges and provided the following custom-made solutions as per customer requirements.

  • Provided a single platform to manage customers, items and orders all
  • Created sync between the Magento eCommerce store and Exact CRM
  • Developed functionality to generate the number of invoices per product
  • The store owner(s) can view;
    • Items as Products
    • Invoices as Orders
    • Customers as Customers
  • Customer data has the following fields;
    • Name
    • Email
    • Address (Street, City, State)
    • Postal Code
    • Contact no.
  • Product data has the following fields;
    • Product Name
    • Price
    • Description
    • SKU no.
    • Image
    • Discount (if any)
    • Product ID
  • Invoice data has the following fields;
    • Customer details
    • Total Amount
    • Product details
    • File Summary
    • Order date
    • Total no. of products
    • Discount amount
    • Tax (if applied)

Technical Approach

The following technical features have helped to fulfill the particular requirements of the Magento eCommerce store users by;

  • Integrating the API for customers, items and orders data management
  • Using Ajax to get the data post
  • Fetching the customer data from Magento’s customer table (using Magento DB functions)
  • Fetching the order data from Magento’s order table
  • Procuring the products data from Magento’s product table
  • Using XML files for data saving into Magento store and fetching from Exact CRM for customers, items, and orders
  • Using Cron to get access token and refresh token from Exact CRM
  • Using Magento DB tables to get the access token and refresh token

The Benefits

Technology Mindz provided the following benefits to the users of the Magento eCommerce store and helped;

  • Improving customer retention rate
  • Reducing task time and improving work efficiency
  • Giving access to the most relevant customer information.
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Easy panel functionality to identifying the bestselling product(s)
  • Sales forecasting
  • Minimizing operational expenses
  • Syncing inventory with just a single click
  • Sales/Products forecasting
  • Enhancing customer service
  • Providing an easy to use integrated panel
  • Effective cross and up-selling of products
  • Differentiating segments for products, customers, and invoices

The Results

The end-results received by the Magento eCommerce store user(s) are;

  • Remarkable reduction in time to manage the orders (invoices), customers and products
  • Improved customer experience with faster fulfillment & return orders management
  • Sorted the products, orders, and customers for online and offline stores
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Fixed the technical hitches regarding adding & deletion of the products, customers, and orders
  • Supported sales team in closing deals faster