Industry: Retail

Manage complete warehouse activity with few steps

For suppliers, it’s a big task to manage the warehouse activities. One of our leading clients seeking a system by which products, shipping labels and open orders can be fetched from Linnworks into the local CRM. This system is built for 3 main roles i.e. Admin, Picker, and Packer. Including admin, picker staff and packer staff can login into this system and get the details of their work individually. Picker can get to know the list of orders that need to be picked from the warehouse including the details of SKU, barcode, BIN, Postal code and Order ID. Also, packers can get the details of the sales order that needs to be packed with SKU, BIN, Quantity, Barcode, Postal code, Order ID. It’s a centralized system where the orders can be scanned and after completion of packers work, it can be resync in linnworks with the updated order status.




July 07, 2021


Business Process Automation

The Objective

The client, is one of the most dynamic & innovative growing online retailers in the UK, Europe & rest of the world for Fashion, Accessories & Much More. It has a wide range of reputable brands in one place and they supply the products directly from the brands. To manage the warehouse activity of pickers and packers they need a centralized system where admin can assign the jobs to different pickers and also packers can scan the product with the barcode and pack the products with shipment labels.

The Challenge

  • Management and tracking of warehouse activity
  • Manage the tasks and track the activities of different pickers
  • Assign the work to picker and packers manually
  • Manage the tasks and track the activities of the packers
  • Warehouse inventory management
  • Update the product status in the Linnworks
  • Keep the track of the completed order by pickers and their remarks.
  • Download the shipping label of the orders
  • Scanning the correct product
  • List of remaining and error products

The Solution

  • Provided a centralized system that is compatible with Multiple Login interface.
  • Download orders and labels from Linnworks to the local application
  • Pickers will be assigned to each of the orders. Each picker should know which order they are responsible for and they can see in the dashboard.
  • Functionality to save this assignment for future reporting capabilities.
  • Provided the functionality to scan products at Picker’s level to ensure the correct item has been picked
  • Functionality to scan products at packer’s level. Once the packer scans an item, all the items in that order will pop up on the screen and packers can see the order and scan it accordingly. If packer scans Item C instead of A or B the system will give an error.
  • Functionality to record packer’s ID in the database for future reporting
  • Once all items from an order are checked by packer, that order status will be changed to complete. If anyone or more items are missing from that order, admin can change the status of that order to incomplete.
  • Functionality to move the incomplete and error orders at a separate place
  • Functionality to generate a sound and an indication of green color on the dashboard once the order has been scanned successfully.
  • The system will print labels from local server for all the orders which have status completed. The system will have the capability to reprint the order manually if needed. Also, the label will be printed out as soon as the packer completes an order.
  • Admin has an option to Sync the orders to Linnworks. All the completed orders will be synced with Linnworks and their status will convert to Processed.
  • There is a date picker option available in the system and based on the selected date, admin can see the orders for the selected date.

Technical Approach

  • Setup API calls in panel to fetch orders and products automatically.
  • Setup API calls to fetch order’s shipping Label
  • Developed a role-based system having roles picker and packer with different privileges
  • Functionality for the picker to print a list of products with their barcodes assigned to him using pdf libraries
  • Developed functionality to read barcode machine scans as string and use it to match the products in the system
  • Developed functionality for packer so he can select to print shipping labels or skip order after scanning the products
  • Developed a Shipping priority rules module in the system to save the rules in the database to check for the priority of the shipping services at the time of scanning
  • Functionality to change the status of the order after packer chooses to print the label or skip the order
  • Automated sync of Completed order from CRM system into the linnworks daily

The Benefits

  • Single system to manage packers and pickers task
  • Proper tracking of the order status
  • Integrated & Streamlined process
  • Tracked the product data available in the warehouse
  • Created automation in overall work management
  • Increased profitability of the venture
  • Availability of accurate shipping labels

The Results

  • Reduced manpower, physical documents and confusion
  • Increased work efficiency
  • Minimized operation cost
  • Reduction in time to manage the warehouse activity