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Manage complete food delivery process through single dashboard

Technology Mindz integrates Shopify with custom dashboard to manage the customer data, product data, and orders altogether. This helps Shopify platform to quickly and easily synchronize order, customer and product data between the two applications. CRM has become a necessity of the eCommerce and any other business for that matter. According to CRM magazine, 91% of businesses with 10 or more employees now use CRM software. Also, the study says that there is 50% average improvement in efficiency with product and order integration.


Healthy Xpress


July 07, 2021


Business Process Automation

The Objective

Healthy Xpress concept was created for busy professionals by busy professional’s means who do not have time to cook and want to eat healthy delicious food that is prepared fresh on day of delivery. Located in the Miami area and delivering food to both Dade & Broward counties, Healthy Xpress provides healthy, portioned control, fresh meals to residents in both counties. One of the largest delivery services in the South Florida working with different crossfit boxes, fitness studios, and companies in order to provide a healthy meal to our customers.

The Challenge

The client was looking for a single platform to manage the order, kitchen staff and delivery of Healthy Meals. Handling these activities manually is a time-oriented process hence, there was a need for a centralized solution to manage the order(s) and action(s) of the staff. The client was facing the following challenges:

  • Manage number of meal plans need to make for a day.
  • Management of customer data and orders.
  • Manage the delivery of meal plans for customers.
  • Manage the payment of drivers.
  • Manage the labels of meal plans need to deliver.
  • Ensure the restriction of customers for a recipe.

The Solution

Technology Mindz analyzed the challenges and provided the following custom-made solutions as per customer requirements:

  • Created a management panel to manage all data related to orders, customers etc.
  • Created a “Database” to store and keep the data of customers and orders secured (cannot be accessed without authentication)
  • Provided the functionality for “Admin” to manage orders & recurring dates of subscription orders, generate meal plan numbers with customer restriction also generate sheet of orders delivery.
  • Developed sort and filter functionality for order(s) to check delivery of orders on a selected date.
  • Provided a secured and integrated system for the automated syncing of products and orders from shopify ecommerce store.
  • Developed functionalities to generate labels sticker for meal plans packets.
  • Developed functionalities like, Staff login feature to check the meal plan need to create on a particular date.
  • Feature of making changes to subscription products next delivery date.
  • Feature to orders for selected school.
  • Funding to the non-profits of trainee’s choice
  • Feature for the admin and staff to see the history of customer’s orders.

Technical Approach

The following technical features were provided to fulfill the particular requirements of the yoga trainers and learners:

  • Created a welcome page to login up as Admin or Staff
  • Developed functionality to add another users as Admin or Staff
  • Setup webhook in panel to fetch orders, products and customers automatically.
  • Provided functionalities to manage bags inventory for the customers.
  • Developed functionality to differentiate orders of Local & Non-Local customers.
  • Created feature generating sheets for order delivery based on customer and Meal Plan.
  • Implemented sort and filter functionality for customer to check last orders.
  • Integrated Route4Me to fetch order delivery information.

The Benefits

Technology Mindz provided the enlisted benefits to the end-customer(s) of the crm:

  • Resolved the problem of customer and orders database management by sorting them
  • A one-stop platform for orders and delivery system.
  • Increased productivity by providing single panel management.
  • Access to convenient & secured panel for orders and customers.

The Results

The end-customer received the following results by using the cohesive and integrated technical solutions, provided by Technology Mindz:

  • Significant reduction in time to manage order process.
  • Improved user experience with an easy approach to generate delivery sheets.
  • Provided easy to use order update functionalities.
  • Achieved customer satisfaction by providing on time delivery with route management.
  • Automated the order and route sync system to check real time data from multiple systems.