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Integration of Salesforce Sales cloud with Alfresco ECM

Industry: Financial Services

Integration of Salesforce Sales cloud with Alfresco ECM

The customer is an IT consultancy firm that provides consulting services on Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Office 365, etc. They were managing their sales activity with Salesforce sales cloud and all related documents with Alfresco ECM. Technology Mindz finds that it’s a time-oriented and complex method for the client so we decided to integrate Salesforce with Alfresco ECM to manage the sales and documents altogether.


2 different software’s to manage the sales and the documents which was un-coordinated and lead tomisunderstanding of the information.


A bridge web application for receiving data from Alfresco ECM and implemented the in customer’s existing Salesforce solution with custom-tailored functionalities.


30% reduction in time and minimised operation costs with more resources available for prospect/lead engagement.

The Objective

While using 2 different software’s for a single business, it becomes a complicated and time-oriented process. The client was looking to integrate Salesforce with its Alfresco to manage the documents and sales activity altogether. So that it can reduce the time of document management and the salesperson can invest their time in generating more business.

The Challenges

  • The customer was using 2 different software to manage the sales and the documents respectively
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage the sales and Alfresco as a system to store, manage and share documents like proposals, invoices, technical documentation, presentations, quotes etc.
  • Hard to manage the coordination between 2 teams while managing the information with 2 different software’s
  • Chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding of the information
  • Time oriented process
  • Unavailability of a centralized solution
  • Lack of coordination between the teams
  • Need for extra manpower to store and manage the information in different platforms

The Solutions

  • Created a bridge web application and implemented the same in customer’s existing Salesforce solution
  • Provided functionality to bridge application for receiving the data from Alfresco ECM.
  • Created a functionality for the application to translate the data according to integration rules and sent it to Salesforce solution in an acceptable format
  • The opposite transformation took place when there was a need to share certain customer-related information from Salesforce with an Alfresco user.
  • Functionality to enter Alfresco user credentials in the pop-up window to link Alfresco-based content with Salesforce record.

The Benefits

  • Centralized platform for the team to manage the sales activities and documents all together
  • Reduction in manpower
  • A better way of document management
  • Time-saving process
  • Fewer chances of losing the data
  • Better coordination between the teams
  • Enabled quick access of the documents to the Sales team

The Results

  • 30% reduction in time to manage
  • More time engaged for better prospects/leads
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Reduce operation cost
  • Reduced miscommunication