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Industry: Ecommerce


MaxAroma, founded in 2010, is an online retailer of cosmetics and fragrances based in New York City. The company strives to provide products of the highest quality. Throughout the world, MaxAroma has built a reputation for providing customers with excellent products and services.


Service Cloud



The Objective

This client requested Technology Mindz to automate their customer service processes using Salesforce, so that the system will handle the customer queries and do not have to respond manually to each customer query, which is very time-consuming currently.

The Challenge

The client was faced with a number of challenges, including:

  • Once we close a case, the client is unable to follow up on it. When a response is received on the case, no notification is sent to the client. There should be some kind of functionality in place that can notify us when a case has been answered.
  • The cases do not get updated even when the customer has received the response. Ideally, when a customer sends an email, the case should appear at the top of the list as the most recent case, just like it does on Gmail.
  • Set up a system where if an email is sent to a customer 4-5 days after it was sent, the system should automatically send an email saying that “We have not heard from you and the case will be closed.”. A new case may be opened if necessary.
  • Automated responses to generic emails, such as those regarding shipping and returns.
  • Allow users to attach images to the chat (as a pdf, image, or doc attachment)Cases that have been closed cannot be reopened when a new email is received.
  • When a case receives any new email, it indicates that they were unable to identify the recently active case.
  • If a case has not been active for a few days, send two notification emails within 24 hours.
  • Send a generic email explaining the cancellation request, the status of the shipment, and any offers or promotions that are relevant. Close the case after 24 hours.
  • Bidirectional attachment on chat.

The Solution

Technology Mindz had a meeting with the client to review and analyze their current business logic implementations and to offer solutions to their problems.

  •  Instead of writing code, Salesforce handled most of the tasks.
  • Created custom fields and a custom list view
  • Created a split view within a page layout
  • We have established new dynamic and static email templates and email alerts.
  • Created different flows based on the business requirements.
  • The omnichannel standard functionality allows for attachments to be sent from a customer to a service representative.

Technical Approach

In order to satisfy our clients’ needs, we have followed the

  • Set up Trello as a user story management and project management tool with a Kanban board.
  • Organized a weekly meeting to gather new requirements and groom the backlog.
  • Additionally, these meetings served as a forum for the prioritization of user stories.
  • Additionally, these meetings were used for the demonstration of the scope item which was completed within a week.

The Benefits

After implementing the solutions, the client experienced the following benefits.

  • Closed cases can be reopened if an incoming email is received.
  • If there is an incoming email, the case will be highlighted in the last activity field.
  • Inactive users may be notified by an automatic email when selecting the ‘Response awaited from client’ option in the substatus field.
  •  The ‘Automated response type’ value picklist item can be used to send a generic email.
  • The client can request the attachment from the customer and the customer can provide the attachment. The type of attachment is irrelevant, as long as the file size does not exceed five megabytes.

The Results

The client will now have the ability to automatically reply with a generic email, serve the most recent active cases, and permit the customer to upload an attachment.