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Pardot and Salescloud integartion

Industry: Financial Services

Forecast Sales with Pardot and Sales Cloud Integration

One of our leading clients who were dealing in food, rural, and ecological areas seeking experts who can help in automating the work process of the business onto the advanced level. Initially while dealing with basic Salesforce implementation clients witnessed many issues. Technology Mindz analyzed the complete requirement of the client and decides to automate the basic Salesforce CRM by integrating Sales Cloud with Pardot. This improved sales efficiency helped in nurturing the prospects and upsell opportunities.


Integration and configuration issues along with problems in Sales Forecasting with managing the sales process and metrics.


Integration of Salesforce CRM with the ERP to pass the accurate product and revenue information between the two systemsand automated Marketing processes by integrating Sales Cloud to Pardot after analysing the business’s workflows.


Advanced analytics that led to effective prospect engagement and better work and team efficiency resulting in achieving long term goals.

The Objective

Client requires to upgrade the functionality of its existing Salesforce CRM. Initially, the client was using the Salesforce CRM with the basic implementation that leads to numerous coordination and arrangement blunders. It continuously affecting highly qualified clients and also effecting the prospects. Ultimately the complete sales process was affecting badly with these errors and issues. Technology Mindz took the initiative and decides to integrate the Salesforce CRM with Pardot for marketing automation to improve the effectiveness of sales.

The Challenges

  • Integration and configuration issues
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Issues with managing the sales process and sales metrics
  • Challenges with nurturing prospects
  • Manage sales efficiency
  • Numerous issues as delayed usage
  • Challenges with upsell opportunities
  • Manage work efficiency

The Solutions

  • Analyzed the basic implementation of Salesforce CRM with the business and closely monitor its working process
  • Created an effective integration of Salesforce CRM with the ERP to pass the accurate product and revenue information between the two systems
  • Provided an integration between Sales Cloud and Pardot to automate the marketing process
  • Reconfigured client’s Salesforce instance to help useful deals process.
  • Provided new highlights and features on the organization’s underlying vision for the framework.
  • Provided automation in workflow
  • Created a better process for lead nurturing and qualification with Pardot’s prospect management

The Benefits

  • Improved task notifications
  • Better sales forecasting
  • Enhanced sales pipeline management
  • Provided data accuracy
  • Supported a more streamlined process
  • Enhanced sales revenue
  • Automated sales communications
  • Effective customer engagement programs

The Results

  • Better work efficiency
  • Advanced analytics
  • Effective prospect management
  • Helped in achieving long term goals
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Better teamwork and collaboration