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Pardot setup for a Leading Media company

Industry: Financial Services

Pardot setup for a Leading Media company

An American media organization with an emphasis on highlights and data about wealth management, charities, private clients and wealthy lifestyles. The organization distributes Weekly (email), Leaders List (yearly print and digital), IFC Top 200 Power Women (yearly print) and Brand Management and Reputation Leaders (yearly print) just as news and highlights on their site.


Salesforce integrationwas not seamless with lot of invalid and copied email generation and other emails were sent with old and out dated templates.


Recreated email templates in Pardot by copying email contents from Marketo into Pardot, Uploaded the Prospects in the Database and Setup custom functionality like Mail-able Prospects.


Seamless sync of prospects with Salesforce aided in 73% increase in webinar registrations as email performance got improved by 24%.

The Challenges

  • A lot of invalid possibilities and copied email present, need cleaning and checking with “Never Bounce” to dispose of invalid email addresses.
  • Integration with Salesforce is not seamless.
  • Existing email templates designs were not upto the date and was quite old. Need new style & UX effects.
  • Reporting on the ROI of each campaign.
  • Unifying their global marketing efforts.

The Solutions

  • Recreate email templates in Pardot by copying email contents from Marketo into Pardot.
  • Uploaded the Prospects in the Database and created various Segmentations according to the client’s need by export data in batches from Marketo.
  • Created Pardot campaigns, drip programs, dynamic lists, custom redirects, email templates, scoring emails Design, build and execute marketing campaigns in Pardot.
  • Setup custom functionality like “Mailable Prospects” functionality in Salesforce. That will trigger the Lead/Contact records to be Mailable Prospects in Pardot.
  • Setup the Marketo automation in Pardot using Pardot’s engagement studio – Rules, Actions, Triggers.
  • Created customized responsive landing pages in Pardot, referring Marketo landing pages.
  • Manage e-mail campaign strategies, templates, content, lists, and creatives.
  • Added the Digital Assets to Pardot & creation of Digital content from them.
  • Assignment of the prospects which have completed the Drip sequence to the Sales team & start the process again for new Prospects.
  • Migrated files (contents, images) from Marketo’s design studio into Pardot.
  • Handled Pardot Fundamental blocks (Emails, Forms, Landing Pages, Segmentation, Campaign Canvas) Manage implementation, testing, execution and reporting on Pardot-based campaigns for lead management.
  • Set up of Tracker Domains, Email Sending Domains, Ip Warming for emails.
  • Created a sequence of Drip-Nurture programs to Nurture a Prospect based on his/her Product Interest. After we have identified the Product of Interest for a prospect, Handoff to the Sales Team.
  • Setup of Custom Link Redirects with completion actions, Dynamic lists & List Emails.

The Benefits

  • Successfully migrated from Marketo to Pardot with Zero Data Loss.
  • Improved the work efficiency
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Advance process and user interface

The Results

  • 73% increase in webinar registrations.
  • Improved email performance by 24%.
  • Seamless sync of prospects with Salesforce.