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Patient Management System

Industry: Financial Services

Patient Management System to manage the global data of the customers

One of the leading clients who are dealing in the Health Care departments of California was looking for someone who can help the organization with the advanced solution for the Patient management system. Technology Mindz analysed the complete requirement and provided a customized Salesforce solution and prepared a complete Patient Management System.


Patient registration application was not detailed enough, Security issues, Management of Electronic Patient record.


Created a single integration solution with Force.com platform to perform Electronic Patient Records (EPR’s), Scheduling, Assessments, Clinical data capture and a centralised multilingual platform to view reports and dashboards.


Quicker process, withdetailed registration andadvanced report generation aiding in 20% revenue increase.

The Objective

The client was using third party Health Care software to produce Electronic Patient Records (EPR), clinic data management, medication management etc. But it was not up to the mark and covered limited areas of information. The customer was looking for a software which can provide demographic details of their clients. It was also a part of the requirement that the security model has to be properly defined.

The Challenges

  • The previous application was very generic without having detailed information in it
  • The system was not providing demographic-specific details of the customers
  • The security model was not up to the mark
  • Challenge to manage patient registration details
  • Lack of complete information
  • Management of client scheduling and assessment
  • Proper medication management
  • Management of Electronic patient record

The Solutions

  • Created a single integration solution with Force.com platform to make it easy for the clinicians to perform Electronic Patient Records (EPR’s), Scheduling, Assessments, Clinical data capture and charting, Medication management, Clinical decision support, care planning, diagnostic testing, inventory management, reporting, patient billing and more.
  • Created an advanced security model to provide the data based on different countries’ local laws, regulations, and business rules.
  • Provided a platform to provide demographic-specific customization for each of their clients spread across the world.
  • Re-designed the existing third party architecture and customize the app according to the different countries requirement
  • Created a centralized multilingual, platform to manage the ERPs, billing, inventory management, clinic assessment, medication management, etc.
  • Restructured the Lab Module to give Clinicians the ability to add as many Tests as they want.
  • Incorporation of country-specific VAT/TAX codes and rates while the generation of Invoices.
  • Provided customization of prescription and invoices as per clinic and country.
  • Functionality to generate Sales Report
  • Created functionality to generate the report based on the patient’s age, gender, and abnormal values.
  • Use of the following technologies:
    • Apex,
    • Visualforce
    • Triggers
    • Web services
    • Javascript
    • Jquery

The Benefits

  • Easy to manage the patient records
  • Creates demographic-specific report and data
  • Advanced security patches
  • Improves customer efficiency
  • Single solution for all the requirements
  • Fewer chances of data loss

The Results

  • 20% increase in revenue
  • Fast process
  • Advanced report generation
  • Reduction in time to collect and place details of the customers from different demographic