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Podio to Salesforce Data Migration Utility

Podio to Salesforce integration by Technology Mindz helps in migration of Applications in podio to salesforce along with associated Activities and Notes. This integration empowers businesses to manage data migration mapping of multiple Podio applications and Salesforce objects on the go and transfer Podio data into Salesforce records very easily. Users can even map and transfer Podio field category values into Salesforce specific picklist values via configuration screen and also user can transfer App relations with in podio to object relations in salesforce CRM


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November 19, 2021



The Objective

Salesforce Users are looking for an easy and handy tool to migrate data from Podio system to Salesforce instead of migrating the data between the two different systems manually.

The Challenges

  • To visualise and manage a set of Objects from Podio system into Salesforce. Provide a single app interface for easy field mapping and initiate migration. To overcome the challenge and for a faster and effective way to migrate the Podio data in Salesforce, it was essential to build integration by using Salesforce lighting/JavaScript/REST API advanced technical features.
  • Podio API to retrieve the app item data was having a count limitation and if the count of items was more than that, single api hit migration was not possible.
  • If a user tries to migrate the data multiple times then data was getting duplicated in salesforce.
  • Identifying the records with errors during migration was tough for the user as the migration runs on a batch of data.

The Solutions

Technology Mindz reviewed the business requirement and pain points of the Salesforce users and by considering all the specifications, integrated the following solution(s):

  • Developed field/object mapping Screen with help of Lighting component.
  • Built response parsers using JavaScript features to avoid data type errors during migration.
  • Implemented interface to map Podio picklist field value with Salesforce field.
  • Implemented feature to map and migrate Podio record created date with Salesforce record created date.
  • Developed features to migrate Notes/Activates/task from Podio to salesforce.
  • Provided Option to relaunch existing data migration mapping and amend it, if necessary and migrate the data based on recent mapping setup.
  • Implemented pagination in Podio API hits to migrate the completed data id the data count is more than the API limit.
  • Designed duplication logic using podio item id by migrating the podio item id also into salesforce even if the user is not mapping the podio item id in field mappings
  • Implemented a summary mechanism for migration which helps users to identify the migration success records and failure records along with the error details.

The Benefits

Podio to Salesforce data migration provided following benefits to the users:

  • Easy to create and manage data migration mapping.
  • Easy to migrate the data based on mapping.
  • No need to note down any data mapping inconsistencies manually.
  • Better interface to visualize migration errors.
  • Faster data migration turnaround time.
  • App relation mapping feature to  transfer app relations.
  • Incremental data migration is possible as the duplication was handled.
  • Ability to log and report to identify the failures in migration.

The Results

  • The customers achieved the following results after using, ‘Podio to Salesforce Data Migration App’ provided by Technology Mindz:
    • Remarkable reduction in time to do migration mapping.
    • Enhanced customer experience with faster migration of data for different objects.
    • Improved efficiency in handling data migration.
    • Achieved user satisfaction by providing a hassle-free configuration screen.
    • Data accuracy as migration handled duplicates and errors.
    • Good control on migration process as logging reported on the each record fetched for migration.