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Technology: Shopify

Manage product selling through Shopify store

Prescription Beauty is an online store for skincare products. They sell the product from their store and drop it at the required location. The client was looking to create an eCommerce website for his business.


Prescription Beauty


July 28, 2021



The Objective

The client needs to make its online store separately to manage it relevant for the customers to get the delivery of the required products. The client was seeking a customer portal where the user can directly go through all the collections of products and get the product by adding the Pin code of pick and drops location. It makes it easier for the customer to check all the collections and decide whether they need that product or not.

The Challenge

  • Hard to manage subscription-based products.
  • Challenge with providing weekly/daily delivery
  • Management of discounts and promotions
  • Managing the details of collecting orders from different locations
  • User needs to stand in a long queue to book their product and pick from one
  • Check previous order invoice
  • Manage customers data

The Solution

  • Created a website to ensure the payment and delivery process
  • Functionality to manage products subscription based on customer purchases.
  • Functionality to generate and send the invoice in the customer portal.
  • Complete order details with discount and complete product details
  • Customer can manage their orders and subscriptions.
  • Created functionality for the product subscription.

Technical Approach

  • Created a Shopify store
  • Implemented the user-friendly design layout
  • Created custom fields to add all the page layout content from the admin
  • Created all the products with variations.
  • Created functionality to purchase a product on a subscription
  • Created functionality for multilanguage according to domain.

The Benefits

This store setup provided the following benefits to the end-user(s):

  • Access to real-time store product updates.
  • Minimized operational expenses
  • The quick purchase features
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Easy to manage weekly/daily deliveries
  • Effective management of orders, customers and shipping information
  • Effective utilization of Shopify store with easy management

The Results

  • Remarkable reduction in time to provide product purchase and delivery.
  • Proper management of orders, customers, and invoices.
  • Enhanced customer experience with the fast delivery of orders.
  • Resolved the issue of sorting the products, order details, and customer details from different places.
  • Eased customer management with orders.