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Salesforce Commerce cloud site for a luxury fashion accessories brand

Industry: Financial Services

Salesforce Commerce cloud site for a luxury fashion accessories brand

The client was a luxury fashion accessories brand in London, UK. They were already working in Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) platform and related services. Technology Mindz updated the features of the site and provided an advanced and automated solution to match the dynamic world of fashion accessories. TM looked for the latest features and provided the client with upgraded multiple integrations.


Outdated SFCC featuresimpacting store performance, No engagement with international clients, Lack of personalized Marketing .


Incorporated Flow Commerce cartridge to enable global sales, Sailthru email promoting cartridge ,Overhauled Cybersource cartridge and Empowered Paypal as a new payment alternative.


New job framework helped to build jobs faster while fulfilling cross border orders in 104 countries with 12%improvement in conversion rate.

The Objective

To deal with the competitive era of the fashion brand it is important to make the changes and upgrade the existing functionalities/features. The client was already managing the business in Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) but to manage the advanced automated solution is also important for a business. Client wants to provide their customer with an advanced and updated payment method to prevent fraud management and an increase in payment security.

The Challenges

  • Outdated SFCC features which are affecting the store performance
  • No reach towards international customers
  • Lack of personalized Marketing experience
  • An outdated version of payment gateway
  • Challenges with fraud management and payment security
  • Unable to gain customer’s trust due to lack of fraud management in the payment process
  • Outdated user interface which provides slow access to relevant information
  • Multi-step process to purchase the product from the site

The Solutions

  • Incorporated Flow Commerce cartridge which gives the capacity to sell stock to clients universally by creating localized shopping experiences
  • Implemented Sailthru email promoting cartridge to convey robotizes customized, omnichannel advanced brand encounters.
  • Overhauled Cybersource cartridge to the most recent form and actualized its various highlights like device fingerprint and decision manager to improve misrepresentation recognition during payment authorization
  • Empowered Paypal as a new payment alternative
  • Migrated multiple legacy jobs from the legacy pipeline to latest version using SFCC’s new job framework

The Benefits

  • Updated and advanced online store
  • Easy reach towards international customers
  • Personalized marketing experience
  • Better customer experience with an increase in payment security
  • Advanced user interface made it easy for the customer to gather the required information in a few clicks

The Results

  • Cross border fulfillment enabled for 104 countries
  • New job framework helped to build jobs faster using out-of-the-box system steps
  • 12% improvement in conversion rate using the Paypal payment method
  • Improved work efficiency