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Salesforce to enhance Conservatio n Foundation’s sustainability

Industry: Financial Services

Salesforce to enhance Conservation Foundation’s sustainability

Technology Mindz used Salesforce platform for one of the famous conservation foundations of the USA who work for the protection of the natural environment and the diverse cultures. They do this by promoting conservation philanthropy and by strategically directing resources to conservation leaders, organizations, and initiatives. Client works in favor of the environment and to save the ecosystem.


Lack of comprehensive and clean data, Time consuming processes due to Data duplication, nsufficient data insights to produce meaningful reports.


Use of salesforce’s advanced data analytic packageImplementation of Salesforce’s Data cleaning and deduplication tool to clean the complete data and eliminate duplicates.


Reduction of duplicate data and inaccuraciesImprovement in the data analytics process.

The Objective

The client who was looking for better prevention of the ecosystem was having data like climate, externalities, wildlife, and other relevant variables but the data was in bulk and having so many human errors and duplicates. The client was looking for a solution to clean the data so that it can save the time of the client to understand the accurate data. Technology Mindz who are having expertise has come up with the solution and fulfill the customer’s need.

The Challenges

  • Lack of information about the important things from the different data used for the research and workflow
  • Unintelligible data
  • Interruption in meaningful research due to duplication in data
  • Issue while having accurate and complete information
  • Time-consuming process due to duplicity in work
  • Use of more manpower because of irrelevant information
  • Unavailability of clean, original, and unique data for the organization
  • Employees looking for the best way to utilize their time

The Solutions

  • Implemented salesforce’s advanced data analytic package
  • Used Salesforce’s simple and user-friendly data cleaning and deduplication tool to clean the complete data and eliminate duplicates.
  • Provided data toolkit to assist quickly and effectively cleaning of the data
  • Functionality to remove the duplicate data.
  • Created a set of effective data analytic tools to help this organization identify important trends in data,
  • Created functionality to omit unimportant data from regressions.
  • Use of sustainable methods for cleaning data

The Benefits

  • Effective use of data
  • Advanced data cleaning technology and deduplication tool
  • Efficiently removal of duplication and redundancy from the data of the organization
  • Sophisticated analytic tools to transform the organization data
  • Simple and user-friendly platform to make the data simple quick and stress-free
  • Enhanced the sustainability of the conservation foundation

The Results

  • Reduction of duplicate data
  • Free from human errors
  • Improvement in the data analytics process
  • Clean and unique data
  • Time-saving process by removal of duplicate data