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Schedule Manager feedback

Industry: Financial Services

Schedule and manage meetings & appointments with no time

The process for scheduling meetings with prospects and customers is so time taking and annoying. Scheduler manager for Salesforce fixes the problem of manual scheduling of phone, in person or video meetings. Scheduler Manager makes it easy for prospects and customers to book time with sales and service teams. Customers can schedule or book an appointment via your company’s website. It helps in automatically pool the availability of your team to meet the specific needs of each prospect or customer—from inbound sales inquiries to customer support requests.


Check customer’s availability. Manual operations of sending calendar invites, checking time zones. Inefficient appointment booking method .


Automated meeting scheduling and web conferencing. Dashboard with reports of recent event, new lead and details of invitees. Unified Salesforce platform to manage invites, leads, meetings and appointments.


40% increase in meeting schedules. More business opportunities and accelerated pipeline. Enhanced customer experience.

The Objective

Technology Mindz looked towards the challenges and decides to prepare Salesforce Schedule Manager to manage the meeting and appointments with the available time slots. This can help the users to from booking an appointment to sending the meeting invites. It also, add the meeting update in the google and Outlook  what about outlook calendar. It not only supports phone meetings but also has the functionality to manage in-person or video conferences as well, which can save time and manpower respectively.

The Challenges

Business users must invest their time to manage new opportunities, but they usually stuck in managing the appointments, calendar invites, looking towards the free slot and many more. Manging meetings, appointments, calls manually is a time taking process for an individual. Also, for complete tracking it needs manpower to manage the schedule manually. This is not clear who is having the challenge? What’s customer’s challenge? What’s business user’s challenge?

Major problems faced by the business users while managing the schedule manually are:

  • Check customer’s availability
  • Send manual calendar invites
  • Issues with available time slot
  • Checking the time zone manually
  • Method of appointment booking
  • Time oriented process we can remove this as it is explained in the paragraph above (This is basically about, that user needs to invest time in managing or scheduling the meetings) What is it? Please explain.

The Solutions

To overcome the challenges Technology Mindz looked into the possibilities and provided the following solutions:

  • Automatic meeting scheduling process for phone, in person and web conferencing
  • Implemented a dashboard with Report charts which displays the recent events, new lead report, weekly events report and details of invitees
  • Functionality to check address details in the Lightning map
  • Integrated and automating web conferencing (In my reference its same)(Are web and video conferencing different)?
  • Video Conferencing: Integration with Zoom, Join Me, Webex, Go To Meetings and BlueJeans
  • Provided unified Salesforce platform to manage calendar invites, leads, meetings and appointments
  • Provided a personalised branding meeting scheduler web page
  • Functionality to select the time zone
  • Created a function of one on one or with meeting (With individual or more than 2 persons can be invited n the meeting))What is it?
  • Provided admin interface to To add the company logo, redirect URL, slot interval between two times, add Salesforce users (staff) and to add services

Technical Approach

  • Created a component (dashboard) for branding of custom webpage
  • Developed a lightning component for Lightning Map
  • Built visualforce pages, and apex classes to integrate web conference app with Salesforce
  • Created a custom tab for web conference configuration
  • Created components which show staff’s availability according to date and time
  • Created a function in apex class which provides the available slot according to business hours, time-zones and created events
  • Developed a trigger to store the leads in the database

The Benefits

  • Easy meeting scheduling with Salesforce
  • Eliminating the back and forth of scheduling
  • No need to manage as per customer’s availability??? (No need to ask customers what time suits them the bestas customer can schedule as per their convenient )
  • Empowers salesperson to drive revenue growth
  • Improves customer retention
  • Hassle-free time zone finder
  • Personalised brand page for meeting schedule
  • Automated lead management

The Results

  • 40% jump in the meeting schedules Rewrite 40% increase in the meeting schedules with this automating process
  • Helped to drive more business opportunities and accelerate the pipeline
  • Client’s customers have improved experience with the faster and advanced meeting scheduling solution
  • Fixed the complications of managing the appointments of international clients with time zone functionality