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SF- Implementation ofSalesforce CRM for Automobile industry

Industry: Financial Services

SF- Implementation ofSalesforce CRM for Automobile industry

Salesforce CRM is creating its impact almost in every industry. Due to its fully customization features, most of the businesses are opting CRM as their process management system. One of our automobile clients, was using Salesforce CRM to manage the complete business segments with the advance features of the Salesforce they area managing their client activities and records which makes it easy for the client to get the complete update of the customers. Technology Mindz as per client’s requirement integrates his existing SMS product with Salesforce CRM by using Force.com


Time taken to manage SMS system. Unreliability of lead updating in SMS system. Inefficient resource management.


Integration of Salesforce CRM and client’s SMS system. Unified single platform to link sales, services, and marketing . Implement Plug-n-Play code.


Reduced operational costs. Increased sales growth. Effective customer segmentation. Improved customer experience with advanced SMS functionality.

The Objective

One of the leading automotive leadership firm was managing its day to day operations with Salesforce CRM having no extra cost and complexity. Also, the CRM is fully customizable by which client can expand the functionalities according to its business needs. Client was seeking to add SMS feature into the existing CRM so that they can send valuable and offer SMS’s to the prospects and other customers. Technology Mindz analyzed the requirement and planned to integrate the existing SMS product with the lightning Salesforce CRM with the help of force.com

The Challenges

  • Miss the offers implements for the clients and prospect
  • Time taken process and to manage the SMS separate system was in use
  • Chances to lose the leads if any information was not updated in SMS system
  • Chances to lost to interest of the customers
  • Different resources required to manage different systems

The Solutions

  • Prepared an extension to combine client’s existing SMS product with Salesforce CRM
  • Also, created a centralized solution to integrate sales, services and marketing on the same platform
  • Provided admin screen to input all the configurations required for sending SMS using lightning components.
  • Used the following use cases to integrate several processes:
    • Back-and-forth communication
    • Sales appointment confirmations
    • Schedule test drive notification
    • Service appointment confirmations
    • Vehicle ready notification
    • Service reminders
    • Sales promotions
  • Developed a script to create data configuration
  • Implement Plug-n-Play code
  • Used lightning components and lightning designs

The Benefits

  • Centralized solution to manage the sales, marketing and services activity together
  • No chance to miss the offers and discounts offered for the prospects
  • Time saving process as SMS can also be managed from the CRM only
  • Gain the trust of the customers
  • Lack of chances for the leads that they can forget the dealer

The Results

  • Improved in work efficiency
  • Metadata driven architecture
  • Save operational cost
  • Effective customer segmentation
  • Increase in sales by better knowing the customer
  • Improved customer experience with advanced SMS functionality