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Industry: Electrical Industry (Salesforce Cloud)

The Client


Smart Energy Group


Aug 16, 2021



The Objective

Reduce your daytime electricity costs with a bespoke Smart Energy for Business solar solution. Going solar can also help your business promote a green footprint by appealing to your customers, and thereby improving your bottom line. The main benefit of solar energy is the low maintenance cost so the which benefits the customers directly.have the direct benefit of that. Owing to this benefit, Smart Energy has a heavy customer base of 3000 installations per year across the continent and it’s growing rapidly.

The solutions developed by Smart Energy are economical and they have traditional methods (Person to Person) approach for lead generation.

The solution has been developed based on the requirements gathered through a series of workshops. It covers the following items:

  • Analysis of the requirements
  • Business activities related to the system
  • High-level design approach
  • Technical specifications of the implementations

The Challenge

  • Updating record manually every time the order is placed and installed.
  • Doing the same configuration and data creation for every customer.
  • Creating and managing the Commissions paid to the various users.
  • Management of FSL application with the system requirements.
  • Tracking of the installation process of Solar panels (Work orders).
  • Managing the FSL cCloud with Sales Cloud of the Salesforce platform.
  • Reports on different aspects of the business.
  • Automation is needed for moving various stages of opportunity.

The Solution

The client engaged with Technology Mindz to perform a detailed review and analysis of their current business logic implementation.

  • Instead of doing coding, we did we finish most of the part by automation provided by the salesforce platform.
  • Developed a centralized approach for end-users.
  • Various validations for the different users were aligned to the data inputs from point to point.
  • Functionality to track the installations of equipment using Work orders was installed.
  • Sections were provided to manage all the reports.
  • Used automation screen flows to help gather input from users and saved the same in the salesforce records with validations.
  • Enforced automation to move different sales process statuses based on user input.
  • Minimized human error using automation.

Technical Approach

  • Used Sales Cloud with FSL to simplify the overall process.
  • Used automation tools provided by salesforce helped to gather information from the users using screen flows.
  • Multiple validation rules on separate objects to were enforced that to help the right data be entered into the system.
  • Enhanced partner community for users to be made be able to work more efficiently.
  • Various reports based on the parameters helped to track the progress and take action accordingly.
  • More user-friendly approach for the end-user was used to complete installations.
  • Automatic syncing of the different object records was based on the information provided.

The Benefits

  • FSL mobile app users were able to work more efficiently on multiple installations simultaneously.
  • Easy-to-Manage management salesforce data records made the process simple.
  • The solution marginalized human errors.
  • Complete management of work orders and installation was created.
  • The simplified approach of the opportunity status from Specialist appointment scheduled to Installation was completed.
  • ImprovedcCustomer experience improved significantly.
  • Easy tracking of the installations was enabled.
  • The business was able to make more appropriate decisions based on these reports.

The Results

  • Improved work efficiency
  • Reduction in time of Installations
  • Achieved customer satisfaction with a faster delivery process.
  • Seamless configurations and management of data in salesforcethe Salesforce ecosystem.