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Technology: Magento 2

Upgrade Magento eCommerce store from Magento 2.1.7 to Magento 2.3.4

One of our leading client from the Netherlands were looking to upgrade the Magento eCommerce store from Magento 2.1.7 to Magento 2.3.4 While looking for advanced process they were seeking someone who can upgrade the website technology version. Technology Mindz takes the charge and upgrades Soap Treatment Store from Magento 2.1.7 to Magento 2.3.4. With the upgraded version, Soap Treatment Store received the brand new online store on a powerful platform with enhanced functionality that plays a vital role to meet the customer’s business needs. Also, it helped in eliminating serious security issues and reduced performance risk. Integration with FB pixel, product feed, and Google Tag Manager also provided to track the transaction details of the eCommerce store.

Including this Technology Mindz provided a B2B eCommerce prescription store to the Soap Treatment client which allows only verified and registered users to buy the products. Integrated this store with COC (Chamber of Commerce) using KVK no. to verify the customers’ registration.

AI-based quiz where auto Add to Cart functionality implemented to make the checkout process more convenient for store owner and customer both.


SOAP Treatment


June 29, 2021



The Objective

The idea to upgrade the version is adapted by looking into substantial security enhancements as over 30 security enhancements have been deployed in version 2.3.4 Also, for the new module updates and improvement in website loading speed, the version update is required. Technology Mindz also worked on the look and feel of the website and changed almost complete website’s User Interface. Including this client was looking for integration with FB pixel, product feed and Google Tag Manager to track the complete details of the transactions in the website from all the channels.

Client required an eCommerce prescription store from where only people can make the purchase who are already been registered in the Chamber of Commerce. Other customers can also purchase the same but only with the admin approval. Client needs this B2B store as he was looking to provides different product prices, with additional discount coupons, shipping benefits.

There is an AI-based quiz section on the website on which client wants to implement auto Add to Cart functionality to ensure every transaction from the Soap treatment store only.

The Challenge

  • Serious security and performance risk
  • No new module updates
  • Slow checkout process
  • Website loading speed issue
  • Less support of Magento for the platform or merchants of Magento 2.1 version
  • No different store for B2B customer
  • Different enhancement for COC customers
  • No auto add to cart option on quiz page
  • Challenges with eCommerce tracking

The Solution

  • Upgraded the Magento version from 2.1.7 to 2.3.4 to get the updated Magento techniques
  • Changed the look and feel of the website to improve the customer experience
  • Functionality for advance global search so the consumer may directly search for a product without navigating too much
  • Integration with Buckaroo to make the payment method easy
  • Provided new architecture to enhance the speed of the website
  • Built the website with multilingual support in English and Dutch
  • Created a responsive admin panel to improve the dashboard interface and to ease the navigation
  • Provided a better user interface of the website
  • Created a separate B2B eCommerce store for COC customers with different product pricing, discounts, shipping charges etc.
  • Functionality to restrict the showcase of pricing and other details only for the customers who are registered under COC. COC users can enter their login details and look into the pricing and buy with the additional benefits.
  • Provided auto Add to Cart functionality for the AI-based quiz page to make the process faster and hassle-free.
  • Provided integration with the Facebook pixel, GTM and product feed.
  • Created a login panel for B2B store with the option- My Portal, Professional Login and Students login
  • Created a login panel for B2C store with the option- My Bookings, Client Login, Professional Login and Students login

Technical Approach

  • Switch to latest PHP version from 7.0 to 7.3
  • Created a new domain for B2B store
  • Integration with COC using ajax
  • Used customer approval extension
  • Integration of product feed and GTM extension
  • Integration of the website with Facebook pixel to track the conversions
  • Integration of store pickup extension for location management
  • Used buckaroo extensions to integrate with payment gateways
  • Used shipping per category extensions for different shipping charges
  • Use of custom extension for B2B users
  • Created a new store, website, store view for prescription store
  • Created a B2B group for prescription store
  • Embedded YouTube iframe on prescription store
  • Embedded Google drive pdf library for pdf render
  • Used My Bookings different ids for different websites, according to categories in B2C
  • Used Magento’s checkout, cart, product functions to create the functionality of auto Add to Cart on the Quiz page
  • Created a different cart and catalog rules for different discount coupons and shipping charges
  • Use of extension VladimirPopov for web forms.
  • Integration of SMTP extension for mail functionalities
  • Integration of COC API to verify the registered B2B customers

The Benefits

  • Substantial security enhancements as over 30 security enhancements have been deployed
  • Infrastructure improvements as 2.3.4 release contain 250 enhancements to core quality, which improve the quality of the Framework and select modules (catalog, sales, PayPal, Elasticsearch, import, and CMS)
  • Merchant tool enhancements with fine integration with Adobe Stock image galleries that enable merchants to add high-quality media assets to their website content without leaving the Magento Admin.
  • Secured website
  • Better customer experience with B2B store
  • Increased in revenue with auto Add to Cart option on Quiz page
  • Improved performance and scalability
  • Faster website loading time
  • Improved admin interface
  • More mobile-friendly

The Results

  • 20% faster website loading time
  • Achieved more B2B customers with additional benefits
  • Improved technical architecture and new features
  • Low down the security risk
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Increased in Sales revenue with improved website speed