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A dating mobile application to find the perfect match

Sparq is a dating mobile application where persons can find their perfect match by liking each other. It’s the best solution for the singles who are looking for a better partner with whom he/she can sync emotionally and physically. It’s a great platform to know the interest area of the other person and to express the feelings. People can also go for a date on the lavish places and enjoy the dine organized by team Sparq.




JuLY 07, 2021


Mobile Application

The Objective

Client was seeking a platform where 2 persons can find their match and get connected. He was also looking for functionality where matches can be connected within the nearby area (300 meters) including the notification alerts when one partner comes to another’s nearby location. Client also wants to tie up with the restaurants where the couples can be sent to meet each other. In addition to that two of them will get an automated phone call when they are around, to know the exact location.

The Challenge

  • Difficult to find the perfect match
  • Hard to approach the other person
  • Difficult to know the thoughts of the person who are interested in one or not
  • Get in touch on the call with the interested person
  • Approach the match at the nearby location
  • Difficult to find if the match is nearby
  • Hard to know the interest areas of the other person

The Solution

  • Provided a mobile application to find the perfect match as per the gender preference.
  • Functionality to find the match within 300 meters of user’s area.
  • Functionality to send the like to the person whom user is interested in.
  • User will get the notification popup when the match arrives in his/her area.
  • Functionality to meet the match on a physical location.
  • Both the users will get a call once they reach on the date location.
  • Once they both come within the 30-meter radius, chat option will be open to communicate the exact location of each other.
  • Automated call occurs for both for the confirmation and if any of the users reject the call than some credits deduct from his/her account and that will add to the other person account.
  • Provided a wheel of fortune to display the matches.
  • Added some specific restaurants as a Date location where users can go for a date.
  • Sparq has a tie-up with selected restaurants which allows to select as a date location.

Technical Approach

  • Use of language iOS swift 4.
  • Integrated development environment – xcode.
  • Application developed by using auto layout and storyboard.
  • Used coding pattern Model View controller (MVC).
  • Used UI animation for Wheel of fortune and time matching screen.
  • Used iOS swift collection view to drag and drop image.
  • Used twilio API to generate automated call.
  • Added venue points from app backend.
  • Functionality to update the users location if he/she changed his/her location than API will hit and it will be saved in database.
  • Software Development Kit used in this app:
    • Google Maps SDK – to manage mapping, distance, mode etc.
    • Firebase SDK (Real time database)- used for chatting.
    • Facebook SDK – used for Login and to get email, DOB and photos.

The Benefits

  • Easy matchmaking platform.
  • Users can connect with the person having his/her interest in.
  • Global platform to reach the perfect match.
  • Get messages from people you’ve liked too.
  • Countless new and improved features.
  • Perfect for introverts.
  • Made the process simpler.
  • Make a date with someone nearby.

The Results

  • Time-saving for the people who are looking for the match.
  • Improved customer efficiency with easy chat option.
  • Very affordable.
  • Quick experience of finding the match.
  • Online dating saves users time.
  • It’s way less stressful than offline dating.
  • Numerous security measures which keep users safe.