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Technology Mindz working with FPC Global

Technology Mindz did various multiple fixes and Salesforce enhancements for FPC Global, a world leader in professional services consulting. in their Salesforce org.


Technology Mindz working with FPC


October 29, 2021



The Objective

Client FPC was looking for a team to fix their Salesforce issues and do some enhancements in their existing system CRM system. Below are the changes or enhancements required.

  1. FPC had a status graph that displayed the performance of their coaches in different parameters as gauges and initially, FPC used to have the customer activities in person. and later, they introduced online activities and meetings also in these parameters as well. Further, then they needed to add the online parameters as well to the gauges and make the graph accurate.
  2. FPC has a cCalendar view where the availability of their coaches will be available and for theircustomers in order to can schedule meetings from the same place. In the Ccalendar, they were facing issues with the scheduled meetingsview as the, slots were not gettingdisabled after bookings, making the booked from the calendar and those slots are again being re-visible for othercustomerssto book.
  3. FPC had an indicator section which tells about the current status of the practitioner depending on a few specific parameters. For example,if the particular client hasn’t done a payment, then the color should be red for them. There were issues with this color-coding.
  4. The community portal’s“invalid login credentials” message display was not there available on the FPC Community page
  5. The Immediate action required section was having some issues when it was shown as blank in some scenarios where the customer was not having any immediate action to be completed.
  6. Enhancements in the contact us page of FPC.
  7. Event creation and reminder notifications to customers.

The Challenge

Understanding the existing implementation and providing solutions without affecting the existing business was little thought as because we were not having any lack of documentation to understand the existing implementation.

The Solution

Technology Mindz reviewed the business requirement and pain-points of the Salesforce users and by considering all the specifications, and integrated the following solution(s):

  1. Made changes in Visual force page and Apex classes to add new gauges to the coach performance graph.
  2. Made changes in existing components such that the time slot will be hidden once a customer books the time slot.
  3. Created a formula field to have the indicator being popped up correctly.
  4. Made changes in the visual force page to have validation added to existing implementation to hide the immediate action required section when there is no immediate notification to be displayed.
  5. Made changes in contact us Visualforce pages to make the contact page look more attractive and added updated contact details.
  6. Created scheduler class to trigger reminder email notification using apex classes. Created flow and invocable apex classes to trigger event notification emails with ics file.

The Benefits

FPC was able to use their system without any issues and they were able to add new features to the system, which helped them to reduce manpower.

The Results

Below are the results in Technology Mindz working with FPC

  1. Remarkable reduction in the manual process by fixing issues in existing systems.
  2. Provided enhancements in the existing system.