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Ticket Management system

Industry: Financial Services

Migration from Fogbugz to Salesforce CRM

One of our leading clients from Texas, the United States who are having expertise in providing intelligent automation and networking applications for software-defined wide-area networks were looking to migrate their customer service platform from FogBugz to Salesforce. Client wants to display all the information in a single dashboard so that it can be accessible by their Sales, Service Delivery, Finance, and Executive teams. Technology Mindz implements the Service cloud and provides a centralized solution to the teams to create possible transparency in the business process of the organization. Additionally, the customer ticket management system was also provided to the customer by Technology Mindz.


Work Management across different teamsManually addressingcustomer inquiriesChallenge in migrating from Fogbugz to Salesforce.


Creation of Single Pane of glass structure in SalesforceCentralized solution for team integrationCustomer trouble management system


Achieved customer loyaltyComplete customer trackingEnhanced customer experience

The Objective

The client was looking to implement Salesforce Service Cloud and migrate its customer service platform from FogBugz to Salesforce. This client was looking for a centralized solution so that all the information can be accessible by the Sales, Executive, Service delivery and Finance teams. Also, the client was looking for a customer ticket management system, which can help in ticket creating, managing, tracking and generating reports.

The Challenges

  • Different platforms to manage the work of the respective teams of the organization.
  • Challenge in migrating from Fogbugz to Salesforce
  • Manually managing the customer queries
  • Challenge in creating and managing customer inquiries
  • Tracking and generating the report
  • Customers did not satisfy with manual management of the queries

The Solutions

  • Created a “Single pane of glass” structure in Salesforce after looking to the complete business structure and customer requirement.
  • Provided a centralized solution that will allow Sales, Service Delivery, Finance, and Executive teams to access all the information from one place
  • Migrated from Fogbugz to Salesforce CRM
  • Created a customer trouble management system
  • Functionality to track and create the query tickets
  • Affordable solution to manage the customer tickets and generate the customer service report
  • Provided advanced security measures by creating a closed-sharing model, which gives their Salesforce administrator the ability to control user access.
  • Created customer profiles and set up email and web-to-case
  • Auto responses functionality for the end customers

The Benefits

  • Easy and convenient customer issue management system
  • A centralized solution for managing the activities of all teams
  • Reduce operation cost
  • Easy for the customers to manage the tickets
  • Improved work efficiency

The Results

  • Gain customers trust
  • Complete customer tracking
  • Improved customer experience