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Improves website performance by optimizing WordPress media files and content

WP Media Cleaner is a WordPress plugin created by Technology Mindz to scan and optimize the complete website’s media files. It improves the performance of the website by finding multiple media files and post types in a single overview. It enhances the loading time of WordPress with an image optimizer. It helps with easy database backup, restore the data and migrate the WordPress website. WP media cleaner provides a clean WordPress database with the database cleaner.


WP Media Cleaner


July 08, 2021


Web application

The Objective

WordPress users who deal with a lot of content and media on the website, seeking for a plugin that can manage all the files that exist in the server. Also, users can perform all the actions on the files such as deleting media files, adding one or more media to the library simultaneously. While migrating the website from one server to another it’s a challenge to take the complete backup of the previous website. Technology Mindz looked into the complete requirement of the WordPress website users and planned to provide a complete solution to manage the database and optimize the website.

The Challenge

  • Manage multiple media files available at the server on a single platform (page).
  • Action performed on the media such as addition/deletion of any media to the library.
  • Optimize the website having vast amount of media for faster performance.
  • Optimize the images of the website.
  • Backup & restore the data while migrating the whole or certain part of the website.
  • Take the backup of multisite with different filters and restore them on another website.
  • Website loading speed issue.

The Solution

Technology Mindz reviewed the business requirement and pain points of the WordPress users and by considering all the specifications, integrated the following solution(s):

  • Developed plugin module as a media scanning page, where all the media files can be scanned and filtered by post type, category, and creation date.
  • Provided major manipulation actions like
    • Addition/Deletion of single or bulk media files as per the requirement
    • Adding media files to the library
    • Functionality to exclude any media which is no required to add or delete
    • Functionality to show selected media files separately so the user can choose to perform actions over them easily.
  • Functionality to select unused media files and deleting them manually. User can schedule this deletion process as per the requirement daily, monthly, yearly.
  • Functionality for users to scan the whole server or just scan the media library that handles WordPress media.
  • Module created for content scanning where all the content media can be scanned along with their linked post.
  • Created a module for editing media attributes where users can choose the content media and change their information attributes like title, caption, alt text, description and content type.
  • Created module as Image optimizer, where only the images can be scanned and display in the table. These images fetched from the directory and the database.
  • Functionality to optimize all the images available on the server, based on the compression settings.
  • Functionality to restore the images that are previously deleted from the plugin.
  • Provided a functionality to delete those original images which are previously optimized.
  • Functionality to calculate image size with compression size for users to know the difference.
  • An optimization bar to show the percentage of the optimized images on the server.
  • Developed a module as a Database cleaner page, where user can handle their database with optimizing, clearing transients, scheduler to perform automatic actions on database, resetting website.
  • Built a module as Backup & restore page, where users can create multiple backups of the current website and restore to any WordPress website.

Technical Approach

The following approach was applied to fulfil the particular business requirements of WordPress users:

  • The module defined as per the plugin functionality.
  • Used PHP library for optimization and compression of an image.
  • Implemented regex for searching media URLs in the database.
  • jQuery based progress loader to define amount (in percentage) of the time in the operation.
  • Scanning media files through Ajax and integrate with the Datatables.
  • Used content delivery network libraries to get faster results.
  • Encrypt the backup file and forged with custom wpmc file extensions.
  • Drag and drop the library for easy importing files.
  • Drag and drop compression bar to define image extension quality amount.

The Benefits

 WP Media Cleaner provides the following benefits to the end-user:

  • Single platform to WordPress users where they can get all the media files.
  • Management of the media and content from the plugin.
  • Handle plugins and themes and manage operations such as activate, deactivate, clear tables from the database.
  • Reset the WordPress website to the default.
  • Reset the WordPress website with the desired package like a collection of themes, plugins, and uploads.
  • Schedule all the manipulation actions such as deletion of unused media files, orphan contents, cleaning database, clear duplicate contents etc.
  • Upload plugins, themes, and media files in one place.
  • Backing up the website with the filter such as content and the site (multisite).
  • Automatic restoring with collective data of the destination website such as site URL and prefix.
  • Easy importing backup file with drag and drop feature.
  • Easy user experience to understand the plugin features such as searching and sorting from the tables.
  • A support form for users to interact with the plugin’s representatives for any queries.

The Results

 The user achieved the following results for implementing this plugin into their WordPress website.

  • Improved website efficiency and speed.
  • Achieved user satisfaction by providing easy optimizing functionality.
  • Reduction in time to find different plugins for image optimization and data backup and restore functionality.
  • Fully secured plugin to prevent access to the features without entering a license key.
  • Fast and robust working of the plugin.
  • Comprehensive platform to manage almost every activity of the WordPress data.
  • Well managed tool for differentiating features in separate modules.