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Marketplace to buy and sell the products among different countries

Wug Wug is an eCommerce marketplace where vendors and customers can buy and sell their products and enhance their business. Even vendors and customers from different countries can buy and sell the products with this platform. This is a multilingual marketplace having a 24*7 customer support facility. This is a centralized platform for the SME’s and other eCommerce businesses with easy payment gateway.


Wug Wug


JuLY 07, 2021


Web Application Development

The Objective

Client was looking for a single platform that he can use to enhance his business by selling and purchasing the goods. For this, he was seeking someone who can create a marketplace where vendors can register and sell their products and customers can purchase the products simultaneously. Technology Mindz looked into the requirement and created this marketplace for the users.

The Challenge

  • Delivery of gifts and products in different countries.
  • Offline shopping is so time consuming.
  • Shop the gifts and products 24*7.
  • Selling the product in different countries.
  • 24*7 customer support .
  • Online payment .
  • Customers feedback on the product before purchasing.
  • Multiple vendors at single place.

The Solution

  • Provided a single platform for multiple vendors to sell their products.
  • Functionality to send online gifts to the loved ones.
  • Provided functionality to buy and sell the products across different countries.
  • Provided the functionality of 24*7 customer support .
  • Created a multilingual web portal.
  • Currencies according to countries.
  • Provided escrow service to manage transactions between admin and the vendors.
  • Created different user interface for different countries.
  • Multiple addresses features to add more than one address for orders.
  • Prevent users to buying anything without selecting a country/city.
  • Provided Conflict resolution center to handle disputes and queries of orders.
  • Created Rubric panel for discussions.
  • Provided “How it works” page to understand the flow of the system.
  • Created functionality of products by language, to distinguish all the products according to their language.
  • Provided newsletter functionality to attract buyers and vendors for offers and other news related to the website.
  • Created a separate category for Real estate for vendors to sell their property.
  • Developed a payment system to achieve real estate feature in the vendor panel.

Technical Approach

  • Designed wireframe for the website to manage the customer and the vendor panel.
  • Customization of the theme as per the requirement. Differentiation of themes as per different countries.
  • Created a separate plugin for conflict resolution functionality.
  • Used PHP oops concept for all the functions.
  • Regex to perform country-based search functionality.
  • Rest API for PayPal transactions.
  • Content delivery network for faster performance.
  • Used advanced jQuery.

The Benefits

  • Centralized platform for buying and selling the product.
  • Multilingual marketplace.
  • Payment in different currencies.
  • Easy to send gifts in other countries.
  • Flexible payment transaction between vendor and admin .
  • 24*7 Customer support.
  • Easy shipping functionality.

The Results

  • Achieved customer satisfaction by providing multilingual platform for buying and selling the product.
  • Increased customer retention rate due to product delivery among different countries.
  • Satisfaction among customers due to flexible customer support.
  • Easy payment method increased the vendors and customers on the marketplace.
  • Great response rate on Wug Wug discussion panel.