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Technology Mindz offers targeted consulting services in whichever e-Commerce area you require cooperation from- choosing the right platform, integrating the appropriate site search, developing a customized e-Commerce strategy or enhancing the commercial and technical performance of your online enterprise. At Technology Mindz, we combine our experience and expertise with e-Commerce design, marketing support, technical support, customer service, e-Commerce SEO, and hosting to deliver a customized e-Commerce solution that is right for your business.

End user satisfaction
End user satisfaction

End user satisfaction
End user satisfaction

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Global reach

End user satisfaction
End user satisfaction

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Service desk

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E-Commerce Includes

  • Ecomm1

    Content Management Capabilities

    Manage content pages, create new content pages and set page URL and SEO elements.

  • Ecomm2

    Search Engine Optimization Management

    Manage all dynamic title tag structures throughout the website.

  • Ecomm3

    Order Management

    Search and sort to easily find orders by specific variables. Manage and update order status conveniently as well.

  • Ecomm4

    Email Marketing Integration

    Manage main e-mail template design and set messaging for order status emails.

  • Ecomm5

    Integrated Blogs or Articles Section

    Blogs and articles are a great way to provide rich stories and engagement for your audience.

  • shield


    Best practices implemented to safeguard the integrity of your online store and confidentiality of customer data.