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Hire Java Developers with Technology Mindz

Augment your company and scale your project launch with Technology Mindz Java Staff Augmentation Services. We have a vast pool of talented and experienced Java professionals who can fill the immediate need for resources without incurring additional expenses of a W-2 Hire.

With our flexible tech-staffing solutions, you get the needed Java expert who can provide extensive project support to your in-house development team.

We are not simply another IT company but a hub of global tech talent. Take advantage of our consultant’s, know-how to add value to your existing project team.

How do we Hire a Java Developer?

Augment your team with high-skilled Java developers.

Understand your Requirements

Our team gets in touch with you to understand the project details, the skill sets required, and your precise expectations.

Shortlisting of Applicants

Technology Mindz follows a stringent process of selecting applicants. Our recruitment team analyzes the talent pipeline for relevant industry experience, strong communication skills, digital dexterity, and more.

Selection of Candidates

We together discuss with you on a list of pre-selected developers that match your project requirements. The final call is yours to select the best pick.

Onboarding and Continued Support

We kickstart the onboarding process of the selected applicant, taking care of all the legal procedures. Further, to ensure your efficiency and productivity remain uninterrupted, we provide our full assistance whether you want to ramp up or down.

How do we Evaluate Java Developers?

Technical Skills

Each of the candidates is given a unique, relevant test assignment. Our senior developers test the complete technical skills of the candidate to confirm their ability to perform and deliver.

Cultural Fit

Our expert team analyzes the candidate’s cultural fit into your company, making it easy to coordinate and collaborate.

Communication Skills

We check must-have traits of the candidate, like proactiveness, body language, command of the English language, and written and verbal communication skills to maintain seamless coordination between the team members.

Domain Expertise

Banking and Finance
IT Consulting
Media and Entertainment
News and Publication

Engagement Process to Hire Java Developers


This recruitment model comes into play when frequent back-and froth collaboration is needed on a project—working with someone who speaks the same language and is in the same time zone gets easier.


This recruitment model is useful when you want to explore global talent to get a job done or to get a service at a reasonable cost.This recruitment model provides access to the extended talent pool worldwide. It is useful for companies that need to grow their development capabilities fast or want to get the job done at a reasonable cost.


You can use this recruitment model if you want the best of the two worlds. You can manage the development locally but contract off the bulk work to the off-shore developers.

Recruitment Models to Hire Java Developers

We work as an extended team of yours to meet aggressive deadlines, accelerate performance and deliver innovations.

Select the Best Suitable Java Expert for You

Critical Java projects need immediate expertise – let us know your challenge, and we will help you to solve your challenges with our global talent pool and real-life experience.

Hire Developer Time
Hourly hiring
Hire Developer Time
Part-time hiring
Hire Developer Time
Full-time hiring

Planning to hire Java Developers?
Augment your team with the needed expertise.