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Impress Investors by Presenting a Working Prototype

We Focus Our Attention On These Areas

Build a web based prototype


We offer design and development services of sophisticated web-based solutions with continuous support.

Prototype an app


Our specialized teams use design-and-change-driven agile approach to deliver supreme quality. We make your brand more visible to your customers.

Develop Prototype


Our priority has always been to explore and foresee the trends of the market. We offer a complete package of services and skills to create your wearables app.



We offer a complete package of services and skills to develop comprehensive cloud solutions.


Internet Of Things (IOT)

We offer a complete package of skills and services to make things smarter! We can prototype your very own IoT device or smart sensor.

Develop Prototype for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Using our change-driven agile approach you can get valuable results with supreme quality, quick results and continuous feedback.

Wireframe Design ? Wireframes are simple black and white layouts that outline the specific size and placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas and navigation for your mobile app or website$1500

Select this service if you’re on early stage of product idea development.


  • Understand your requirements
  • Research and generate design ideas
  • Design Wireframe to identify CTA’s and other important information
  • Duration – 1 Week
  • Average price

Prototype Development ? Website prototypes are interactive demos of a website. These are often used to gather feedback from project stakeholders early in the project lifecycle, before the project goes into final development $2500

Select this service if you’re ready with your idea and would like to present effectively in front of stakeholders.

Includes everything in Wireframe design service plus:

  • Understand your idea
  • Prepare requirements
  • Convert your idea from sketch to actual web / mobile design
  • Develop clickable prototype to test version of a product to be developed – which you can touch, feel, and see.
  • Duration – 2 weeks
  • Average price

MVP Development ? A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future development. $5000

Select this service if you’ve limited funds and are finding right balance between minimal design and maximum value.

Includes everything in Prototype development service plus:

  • Understand your idea
  • Gather requirements and document a scope of work
  • Technical analysis and suggest a best technology for your MVP
  • Assemble each feature to fit the scope
  • Conduct a thorough audit before sending you a link and testing instructions
  • Fix bugs and issues
  • Launch your MVP
  • Changes post launching as per early users’ feedback
  • Duration – 4-5 weeks
  • Average price

Product Development ? >Product development, also called new product management, is a series of steps that includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of newly created or newly rebranded goods or services.Call us

Select this service if you’re ready to develop a final product.

Includes everything in MVP development service plus:

  • Understand your product idea
  • Technical analysis and suggest a best technology for your product
  • Design as per wireframe layout
  • Convert Design into web or mobile app
  • Complete customization to meet exact feature and design needs
  • Conduct a thorough audit before sending you a link and testing instructions
  • Fix bugs and issues
  • Beta Product Launch
  • User feedback loop
  • Final product launch
  • Ongoing maintenance
We develop an App prototype

We Love Ideas

Working with new ideas and start-ups is our passion.

Create Interactive prototype

Idea to Product

We build products that are ready to market and present a great value proposition to the clients.


We Support & Maintain

We make sure your product is well maintained and supported. You focus on generating revenue and rely on us to customize, enhance features and add new functionalities.

Low cost app prototype

Obsessed with Quality

We are fanatics about frameworks and standards. The result is development of a quality product at a minimal cost.


Technical Advisor

We provide technical advice to our customers to guide them in the right direction in terms of feasibility, cost analysis and time estimates. We also consult them for different options and their pros and cons.

Low cost prototype

Most Affordable

You won't need to break the bank to pursue your idea. No need to give up any equity or deal with paperwork burden.

Steps to Build a Successful Product


Recent Work



SF Training : This application provides several types of free or paid exercises. Personally trained by yourself day by day via short videos and hire a coach. In this application you will get fitness training via coach and video.



Practical Accounts Training : Accounts practice on the GO. You can use mobile practical accounts, the free or paid version. Upgrade your accounts qualifications, during or after accounting course. Get experience, a competitive advantage in job hunting.

Opt In Savings

Opt In Savings : Opt In Savings assist in marketing and promoting coupon/s to all groups through additional intelligent marketing mediums targeting the groups select for audiences. Customers can save select coupons on smart phones, tablets or computers in the cloud.


"I have used the services of Technology Mindz several times now. I am always tremendously pleased with their work and performance of the task. I highly recommend them as experienced and valuable assistance in your business needs."


Paula Vail
CEO & Founder of Wellness Inspired

It has been a delight working with Technology Mindz. They have been very professional and supportive from start to finish. They delivered all that was agreed, and even more. They dealt with change in requirements patiently and learned concepts of accounting (a new function to them) to finally deliver a great product. I just want to say thank you to the whole group who worked on the project and would recommend them to anyone.


CEO & Founder of APA Accounting

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have got answers

Why Prototype?

Of course there are lots of reasons we want to touch and feel and try our new widget, and a prototype is the way to do that.

What type of prototypes you can build?

We create models and prototypes to meet a number of different purposes and needs. We can provide you with a simple static shape model that can demonstrate to someone the basic size and shape of your product We can make a static model that looks like the real deal but may not function as a production unit would, or we can make a model that is fully functional to show the efficacy of your design.

What if I already have my design of my product ready for prototyping?

That is great! We can help you go to the next step. We will review your design with our experts and advise you with any changes further.

Do you offer free consultation?

Yes, we offer a free initial call and free face-to-face consultation to discuss the project and any questions you may have.

Why don’t I just hire a freelancer?

Freelancers will build exactly what you tell them to and you must tell it to them in an exact way. If you do not have your idea completely documented, much time will be spent communicating the idea to the freelancer along with communicating changes/tweaks as the product is being built.

Are you ready?

Your product must solve at least one real problem, for one real audience, in one unique way.

Ask us if you have any question

We have a skilled team who have experience in designing various mobile apps and most are custom made to suit their requirements and offers solutions to their customers. We create mobile app that will give your startup an identity, catch the attention of most customers and reach out to a large prospective client base.