Salesforce Managed Services a Fit for You? Pros & Cons to Consider

Nowadays days, advanced technology have revolutionised the way we look at business. In this day and age, one must constantly be one step ahead of the competition. A CRM – Customer Relationship Management – system is now the backbone of any organisation.

Salesforce, the market leader, is a platform that streamlines all of your business procedures, allowing your company to expand.

However, in order to reap the greatest benefits from Salesforce, a company must completely utilise its offerings. Inaccurate data and organisational disengagement emerge from a poorly managed or implemented CRM.

Firms require expert Salesforce architects and administrators to stay up with system developments, data architecture, processes, and changing business demands. Hiring a full- time Salesforce professional team, on the other hand, necessitates a significant investment that may not be viable given the constrained budget. Salesforce Managed Services is the way to go for such businesses.

What exactly is Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce-managed services refer to a set of procedures that allow organisations to work on their enterprises with the assistance of outsourced professional salesforce managers, specialists, and so on. This group of professionals assists with Salesforce administration, development, setup, and deployment, as well as support. Salesforce-managed services allow you to save time and money. They will undoubtedly assist you in expanding and improving your organisation.

However, as many positives as we may think of, there are a few drawbacks to Salesforce Managed Services. We will help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of Salesforce Managed Services and assess if it is a good fit for your needs.

Pros of Salesforce Managed Services:

  1. Minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency: These services are inexpensive and produce great outcomes. When compared to employing a full-time dedicated workforce to handle your salesforce, it lowers overall operating costs. Furthermore, these services are compensated based on a specific task/project where work is billed by the number of hours worked. This is a very scalable and adaptable alternative.
  1. Skilled Experts in a Variety of Fields: Managed Services provide access to a dedicated project team comprised of a varied pool of qualified individuals with expertise in areas such as administration, sales, marketing, management, and support, among others. Project teams are often made up of the following individuals:
  • A Project Manager who will work remotely with the team to ensure you get the most out of the managed services.
    • System administrators will work on and manage day-to-day tasks such as creating reports, dashboards, workflows, and other business operations.
    • Architects and Strategic Consultants to examine processes, build solutions, implement best practises, and work directly with business executives to ensure CRM strategy fits with company objectives.
    • Developers design and modify triggers and classes, Visualforce pages and lightning

components, integrations, and assure system performance.

  • Improved Management: Salesforce-managed services aid with data and sales management. The professionals assist in the development of timely reports for management, ensuring that all workers have access to the most up-to-date data and analytics to enable them make quicker and better business choices.
  • No ramp-up time: You will get access to seasoned salesforce specialists who will begin working on your project right away, without any delays. Professional consultants are highly competent individuals who may begin work as soon as they understand the scope of the project on which they will be working. Off-shore experts do not require any major ramp-up time, unlike in-house professionals.
  • Easy handling of IT Services: Salesforce recognises IT threats and resolves them efficiently. It is not necessary to engage an IT specialist for the work. This frees up the in- house IT staff to focus on improving procedures and expanding into other areas. This access to constant assistance also guarantees that important deals do not fall through the cracks when your team changes.
  • Drive More Revenue: Salesforce Services assists businesses in increasing sales and generating more income. There is a process improvement that may boost income by assisting you in identifying such possibilities, as well as driving engagement and growth. Rather than relying on an in-house staff to address these difficulties, it is preferable to hire Salesforce Managed Services.
  • Accessibility: Salesforce-managed services guarantee that all documents are easily accessible while still requiring appropriate authorisation when necessary. It gives workers access to the information acquired by the studies and allows them to focus on elements that improve the company’s success. This also contributes to increased efficacy. Salesforce- managed services make it easier to track the progress of emails, job postings, chats, and so on.
  • Availability: This implies that Salesforce guarantees that a professional is available around the clock. When you are in a crisis, the specialist that can help you is only a phone call away. Having an in-house staff for these concerns is not always advantageous. Because the functionality is handled remotely, there are no difficulties with availability.
  • Modern framework: You can now deploy as many tools and features as you need since Salesforce Managed Services can seamlessly integrate such tools and features on an ongoing basis like a breeze.
  • Solution for Recruiting Challenges: Hiring in-house expertise is not only expensive, but it is also a challenging process. To finalise a candidate, the recruiting process might take months. Even if someone is employed, it will take some time for them to become acquainted with the system. Salesforce managed services enable you to engage specialists from anywhere in the globe on flexible contracts.

Cons of Salesforce Managed Services:

  1. Communication Delay: In-house employees have a thorough grasp of company processes and workflows, which aids in the achievement of goals more quickly. Remote experts, on the other hand, require higher communication overhead, particularly during the early stages of project management. There are also time-zone and linguistic difficulties that contribute to the communication chasm. This communication issue, on the other hand, is temporary and will most likely not occur if you connect your team with reputable Salesforce managed service providers.
  • Business and Security Risks: There is a risk of security breaches and unethical data sharing when you employ an external partner to manage your Salesforce environment. However, by using the proper security procedures, tools, and settings, data threats may be greatly decreased.
  • This is not a full-time team: When you hire a Managed Service resource, you will not get a person that spends 40+ hours per week on projects. You’ll normally be given a specific amount of hours each week to dedicate to your projects. This may not be appropriate for some teams that demand less skill but a greater amount of work.


When Salesforce handles a wide range of procedures for your organisation, you can certainly use the time and energy saved on other marketing and sales methods. Businesses that use managed services have access to numerous specialists for the price of one. The advantage of a coherent plan is that a third-party expert may be an effective approach to limit failure risks and get buy-in to your long-term goals.

Salesforce Managed Services guarantees that the relevant individuals have access to the most up-to-date information needed to drive development and identify possible issues before they spiral out of hand. Salesforce Managed Services gives you a competitive advantage by allowing you to manage processes more proactively and make data-driven choices based on accurate reports and more relevant custom-configured dashboards.

At Technology Mindz, we consider ourselves to be an extension of your team. With 24*7 assistance and the top professionals, we sincerely believe in being a part of your business journey and assisting you in reaching your goals. We use the strictest protocols to protect your data.

So, if you’re eager to learn more about the advantages of utilising Technology Mindz Salesforce Managed Services, we urge you to get in touch with us straight away.